The End — 15 Comments

  1. Trust me GD, once you get over the hangover you’ll feel like it.
    Happy New Year everyone.   

  2. Happy 2012 GD. Hope its better than the last bastard of a year. Pity was we did’nt get The Samoans to get rid of it when we had the chance.

  3. K, so will see you in about 55mins lol.

    Hey U Happy New Year…and “ahem” take it easy on the old hooch…lol.

  4. And Happy New Year to all the others on here, wherever you are.

    See Grandad u do have some friends….mmmm….maybe…lol

  5. I suppose I have to say this ……..

    Happy New Year to all my reader.

    And it’s fucking difficult trying to type under the affluence of incohol.

    Believe me – I know!

  6. Damn! You go the end of the year “I quit!” post in before I did. In fact, I seemed to have forgot about it altogether and just wrote a regular post yesterday. Not only that but when my wife woke me this morning and wished me a Happy New Year I had no idea what she was talking about. I’ve truly lost it.
    That’s it then. I quit!

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