Will I ever learn? — 14 Comments

  1. Brianf – As the saying goes here – you could sing that if you had an air to it!  The only reason I keep Windows at all is to run a couple of programmes that don’t run on Linux and don’t have an equivalent.

  2. Thanks!  It makes me feel a bit weak though, thinking of all those wasted hours scribbling here that I will never get back.  Fuck!

  3. don’t think of it that way think of it as how much shit was stirred up =) grand fun for the rest of us.
     wish i had lunix 

  4. Cat – It is possible to run both Linux and Windows on the one PC.  It’s even possible to run both at the same time, but that’s another story.

  5. Glad I stopped by, your 2000th post. Awesome job Grandad. (I know how much you love that word, couldn’t resist it;-)

    I didn’t know you could run Windows and Linux on the same machine. Will need to look into that.

    Expect Kirk to stop by. He will always weigh in when given an opportunity to trash Windows!


  6. Denise – Thank you for that word.  You are now firmly off my Christmas Card list.  I asked The Quare Fella about running Linux and Windows and he says you can test Linux Mint by using a programme on the DVD called Mint4Win which runs Mint as if it were a Windows programme.  He says if you really want to use Linux though you have to do a thing called repartitioning [which can be iffy if you don’t know what you are doing].  I have Windows 7 and Linux Mint on this here laptop.  Awesome! Neat!

    Slab – No viruses [virii?] in Linux!  Hah!!

    Brigid – Less of the “ol” of you don’t mind.  *snif*

    Mick – Hah! Good one.  Maybe I could flog it and become a billionaire?

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