The artist formerly known as Anglo — 8 Comments

  1. bank of montreal here wants to be know now by the monicer of BMO…as beemo to be more hip and down with it or some such nonsense it still charges too much interest on everything.
     paint a pig a different colour it’s still a pig 

  2. How about a name that is outrageously dishonest? The Patriot Act comes to my mind. The American Patriots terrorized the loyalists who collaborated with the lawful government.

  3. Cat – That is really the whole point.  You can call a heap of shit anything you like, but it’s still a heap of shit.

    Ramrod – You seem to be stuck in patriot mode at the moment?  Relax, man!

  4. Why not re-brand all banks worldwide as TWATS, politicians as CUNTS, local government hirelings as ARSEHOLES, and plods as WANKSTAINS thus being correct in word ,thought, and deed.

  5. Toper – I could live with that.  I would have to keep a reference list though so I know my Cunt from my Arsehole?

    Doc – There ain’t nothing musical about that fucking twat, cunt, arsehole, wankstain of a bank.

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