Removing my hole — 14 Comments

  1. It’s pothole planting season. They new ones should be sprouting around January after a good hard frost or spell of snow.

  2. Thank Christ for that, I thought for a moment, that you had hit upon a drastic but effective way of solving your sewer problems – permanantly

  3. Sounds like your local Council is employing the same quality of Tarmac layers as are making a living the length & breadth of the UK ..

    Who knows, it might even be some of the same gangs, come home for a brief visit ?

  4. Holemaster – That’s what I reckoned.  There is nothing like a good hard freezingf spell to make the potholes flourish.

    Slab – Now you know where all those holes come from.  Nice looking woman, your missus.  Ask her if she’d like me to buy her a pint tonight…..

    Patrick – Like tearing myself a new arsehole?  I’m not that stupid.  

    Haddock – More than likely the same teams.  I have a strong suspicion that Ireland’s greatest export is cowboy tarmac layers.

    Not Green – Different kind of pot.  Unless you smoke holes?  Not to be recommended, I would suspect.

  5. Have you ever tried cultivating hybrid potholes? The Laois winter pothole is a resilient strain that would prolong the damaging effects of the East Coast pothole by a couple of months.

  6. They have been putting them on the Moon for years. I think thats where they keep them in storage.

  7. There is a dirt lane running between my house and the neighbours house adjacent to mine.  The previous owners deeded the lane to the County, thinking they’d pave it.  20 years later and it is still dirt!  🙂

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