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  1. Cars a bit like having a mortgage on a property. There’s no real reason to buy a property over 25-30 years as even if you pay all the mortgage most other debt is secured against it so really what people are doing is paying a huge amount of interest on top of capital, plus upkeep over the years, to enable your debtors to sell something worthwhile out from under you.

    Cars actually slow you down. You might think you are going faster but you aren’t. By the time you’ve finished paying the bills you’ve no money to go anywhere in it.

    So you can look wealthy on the surface but be poor as a church mouse in reality.

    Save money- only drive stolen Garda cars. And throw it away when you want a new one. Don’t forget the little rotating blue light. The oul’ fella says he hasn’t seen a traffic jam in years.

  2. They only tests emissions here. Once a year. $20. They don’t give a rat’s arse about lights, horns, tires etc.

  3. Con – They are damned expensive to run, but living in the wilds, I don’t really have much choice.  Apart from anything else, I frequently have to get to [or more often, away from] places in a hurry,  Life’s a bitch!

    TT – That is a lot more sensible.  All you have to do is steer clear of beans, cabbage and onions for a few days beforehand?

  4. you made me snicker..though i shouldn’t..i fully expect my letter anyday now for my own retesting..sighhh buggars

  5. TT – DUI?  The drink mob?  More political correctness.

    Cat – Baseball bats really do work, you know?  Mine worked well today and I passed with flying colours.  Try that trick yourself.

  6. Over here you have a MOT every 2 years, well the law abiding do.
    What you do is hand over €50 to the examiner, it only costs €40 but he either gives you €10 back and does the test OR he keeps the €50 and writes the certificate out there and then.  Just don’t argue!!

  7. Our car was examined a few months ago and passed with flying colours. But whoever examined the car is either blind or too stupid to notice the screw embedded in a front tire nor the chuck of rubber flapping in the wind on a rear tire. Maybe the examiner took sympathy with my wife as she was the only woman in amongst a crowd of men.

  8. Drill holes in the baseball bat, it cuts down on the wind resistance when you swing it. This will also work with a hurly.

  9. I have already drilled holes and filled them with lead.  Fuck wind resistance – I go for the swing.

    And hurleys are much too light.

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