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  1. “You’d better change your mind or we will both be sorry………” as the song goes.

    Let’s face it you are unique and excellent at what you do. Your book , much like Twenty’s, will be crap and get lousy reviews. If you must persist….my two penneth, don’t even try and be another Tom Sharpe.  Love and best wishes !!  tt

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, TT.   It is humbling that people have such faith in me.

    Seriously though, writing is much like constipation.  Sooner or later you have to go, even if it is painful, and even if no one wants what you produce.

    Tom Sharpe I ain’t and I know it.  Maybe I’m more of a Tom Blunt?

  3. Well get banging away on your keyboard.  I’ll rattle your cage when needed to remind you to update here.  I’m looking forward to your second book.  When will it be available on Amazon?

  4. sure…sure…..sure
    and PS…I’ve read Twenty’s blog, maybe 2 or 3 times, and you, G’Dad, are far superior as a blogger and writer. Not BSing here, either.

  5. why don’t get one of the those ghost writers? Being ghosts and all they don’t eat much and I don’t think you should need to pay them.

  6. Apples and oranges Willie. Apples and oranges. Twenty ‘s top class. Just too popular. Too many comments. I guess he doesn’t piss everyone off like the auld fella does.I read him just to see what Maggot has to say. The litle shit. Heh! Tell you what though. I would love to go and visit them both before one of us kicks it. It won’t be Twenty first I reckon. Shame for Ireland today.So close. They deserved the win. Oh well. Time for me to stop waffeling and break open the Hendricks.

  7. tt…..who is the apple, and who is the orange?     The apple that came to mind was one of those apple face dolls that were popular over here about 30 years ago.  (the auld fella?)  

  8. Go for it, son. Pop in once a month or so until you’re done, just so we don’t worry. We’ll just <s>hack your site and post trash</s> amuse ourselves until you’re finished.

  9. yipes.  after recovering from my heart attack…  I’m ok now.  I’ll miss you with my morning coffee and will appreciate the days you do appear in my inbox and I’ll know that there’s good reason for missing it because I know that book that’s rattling around in that grouchy head of yours will be well worth it.  I’ll have all the archives of this blog to keep me sane while you pry that stuff from your head and get it to hard drive.
    oh.. one more thing… Been meaning to ask… why does my American Flag not show up next to my posts like others?  Is it a setting I need to tend to?

  10. tt…right on spot…and about the flag…   how can I get an anarchy flag? (no Tea Party flag for me)    But wait, there’s more.  G’dad, why not just comply your auld blogs and comments, copy and paste, and call it good?  That seems to me to be a hell-of-a lot easier.  You  would have more time and energy to smoke, drink, and leer.

  11. ha!  my offspring is getting The book for Christmas and she didn’t even do anything to piss me off.

  12. ok…so my grandpa was born in County Monoghan..   I come by being cheap honestly.  Forgive my numbness..  I didn’t know about the first book…so like I say,  copy and paste again.  I won’t know the difference.

  13. Marianne – Brilliant!!  That’s ten copies sold.  How many do I need to be a best seller?

    Willie – Why is it that noone ever notices what I put on that sidebar thingy?  However, being from Monaghan, you deserve some leeway.  You have my condolences.

  14. What sidebar?   Better yet, is it free?  I want to know before I click on it.   G’pa said one can never be too careful when it comes to money.

  15. Hey, G’Dad!      Her Highness just bought “Head Ramlings”, The Book, for me as an early Holiday present.  She says she hopes that I will read something for awhile and shut my mouth.  She thanks you in advance.

  16. Good Grief!!!  *feels faint for a moment but revives after a stiff whiskey*  I hope that is a bit of mis-typing on your part, or else she has to return it to get the real one?

  17. Her Highness found it for cheap on Amazon.  Now I am forever in her debt…as always.    I hope this recent development is not too shocking for you.  Yep, it was a typo.  The title of the book ordered should be  …”Head Rumbles”, or HH says.   Is that close?

  18. HH says, “What’s wrong with you, Willie?”   Head Rambles is the damn title.   And what happened to Mercier?  Did publishing your book sound a death knoll for them?

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