Making the earth move — 16 Comments

  1. Cleavage is good, healthy, environmentally safe and even better than a great pint of black..

    Bar of soap, lol ! 🙂

  2. Séamus – I suppose it depends on whether it has a good head in/on it?

    Robert – Have you been sitting there for the last year or so trying to identify a pair of boobs?  Weirdo.

  3. Yep. Showing a pic of a woman’s cleavage is clearly sexist.
    As is a woman showing her own cleavage. Well it must be, mustn’t it?

  4. Well there was a reason for putting fairly well cleavaged young ladies carved out of wood on the prow of the old sailing ships.

    It kept Poseidon distracted. So its useful. Won’t somebody please think of the superstitious sailor and his need to keep Poseidon from swimming beneath his vessel?

    This public service message is brought to you in honour of our unofficial patron Deputy Frank Flaherty. As keen a mariner as there ever was. Aye.

  5. @ Robert- WOW!  I’ve heard of excellent facial recognition abilities, but your skills with boobs are astounding!!

  6. “What would the reaction be if I showed a man’s cleavage?”
    Well clearly that’s different because that would neither be sexist nor an example of the objectification of men.
    Because it’s not a woman, in case you were about to ask.

  7. Con – There you are now….  Those boobs are there to protect my site from Poseidon.  I knew there was a reason.

    K8 – I confess I am seriously impressed too.  It shows outstanding dedication to the objectification of women, and it also shows where Robert looks first.

    Not Twitter – Can men be objectified?  I think if put a picture of my lunch-pack on their fron page, I’d be quite flattered?

  8. Harman reminds me of an ex-leader of Brent Council from the nutty militant days. Had a habit of demanding the police arrest anyone who didn’t agree with her on the council.

    Black lady with an African-Caribbean cultural background. It transpired that she’d been handing out ‘grants’ to mysteriously inactive social groups and not bothering with receipts or anything.

    When the finance people and the police started to sit up and take an interest she announced that everybody involved was racist and disappeared after being questioned under caution.

    When she did turn up again she was brought to court and when the court demanded she turn over the records (which she’d nicked and taken home) she claimed she had buried them with her mother on whatever island she’d been hiding out in.

    I kid you not. A deeply nasty piece of work who was able to bully everyone for years because any disagreement with her was ‘racist’ or ‘oppressive’. I think she got 15 years for fraud in the end.

  9. bet Harman brought in that law because no one ever called her ‘love’ or stared down her cleavage.  Jealousy is a terrible thing.

  10. Men have been showing their cleavage for years with narrily a peep…it’s called builders bum and I’m ample in that department ladies, wanna look?

  11. “I think if put a picture of my lunch-pack on their fron page, I’d be quite flattered?”
    The only way your pic will end up in is if it was pinned to their office dartboard.

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