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  1. jeeezus paps. there you were sick for a while and now you’re checking out graves. it can’t be that bad. 900 lids doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me. maybe we could organise a whip-round.

  2. Keryview – Note the title?  Used furniture.  If I wanted a grave [which I don’t] I can’t see myself scanning the buy and sell ads.  When my time comes, I am going to be ceremonially cremated in the front room of The Plank’s house.  He doesn’t know it yet.

  3. think I’d prefer to be found looking for graves than used furniture, fridges or washing machines.

  4. Maybe we could all club together and buy it as a mass blogger grave.  They might have to jump up and down on us a bit in years to come but we’ll soon rot down…

  5. Kerryview – You never know what you can find on those sites.  Great craic.

    TT – Do you want the headstones as well, or just the holes?

    EMum  – A blogger grave?  Is this for blogs or bloggers?  And don’t forget – some of us are so well preserved in alcohol and tannin that we’ll never rot!

  6. -The previous owner decided on cremation at the end.

    -His wife divorced him and took his plot away.

    -Got caught using faster reflexes while driving drunk, lost his licence and therefore his job and couldn’t pay the monthly payments and upkeep fees on the plot so the church foreclosed and is selling at cost.

    -The owner moved to Argentina.

    -The owner got caught with another woman while embezzling funds from his company. Then he moved to Argentina.

    -Took too long to die. There’s a statute of limitations on good burial plots these days.

    -The bank that financed the plot failed.

    -The owner quit smoking and drinking and is obviously going to live forever.

    -His mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries. Okay, that has nothing to do with it but it sounds good.
    .-= Kirk M´s last brainfart .. A reflection of 4 years =-.

  7. If it had planning permission they could have sold it for 40,000.00 You could easily fit three Romanian gypsy families on a gravesite in Ireland. Some of ’em are so big you can drive a motorway through them.

    Up Fianna Fail.

  8. €900 is a steal – I think  Shanganagh is over €2k.
    It was gone by the time I checked Buy and Sell.  There’s one for sale in Sutton, but there’s no price given.
    Did they mean Mount Jerome rather than Mount Argus (are there graves at Mount Argus?).  There have been plots sold there in front of the Garden Chapel

  9. Kirk M – I think the last two reasons are probably closest to the truth?

    Cap’n – “Up Fianna Fail”  WHAT?  Get the fuck outa here.

    Ian – The only information I have is what you see.  I presume they do mean Mount Argus, but as you say – I don’t know of any graveyard there.  Maybe they are chancing their arms and are just selling a patch of grass they don’t own?  😉

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