No flies on Grandad — 19 Comments

  1. Grandad I’d not use that shtuff in the house, sounds outright nasty, insecticides, Jaysus.
    Feel free to use it outdoors on your politicians though, I’d put a label on it saying sexy spray for people of great importance and leave it by The Dail  : )
    p.s. I work for the EPA in Boston.

  2. Welcome, Seamus!  Sure what would be the use in spraying outdoors, especially on a windy day like today?  Catch the bastards where they can’t escape, I say.  That’s why I’m thinking of spraying the Dáil bar!!

    Boston?  The Brother-in-Law lives there.  Do you know him?

  3. “Boston?  The Brother-in-Law lives there.  Do you know him?”
    Classic Grandad,  classic.
    SeamusKeleher, great pics, very artistic.

  4. Seamus – I’ll second that about the pictures.

    BigYin – He must know The Brother-in-Law.  It looks no bigger than Bundoran on the map.

    Kate – You live right beside France.  Why don’t you nip over and buy some

  5. Grandad!!! Have you got me confused with someone who lives further south? I’m miles away from any coastline!! Perhaps you could smuggle some in when you return from your jolly hollies?

  6. Kate – You live much closer to France than I do, and it’s only a tiny swim across.  I’m afraid that I can’t deliver as I take direct route and avoid the UK.  Nothing personal.

    Mick – You said it.  But then, so did I.

    We had a grundig TV growing up that had these cool little sensor type buttons to change the channels. There were eight of the fuckers imagine, and only the 2 channels… But in summer time the flies would come and land on the little sensor type buttons and change the channel..
    I am kidding you not.. We had to put a strip of selotape across the buttons to keep the little fuckers from watching what they wanted to watch.. which always seemed to be one of the six snow channels..

  8. If you intend on using what’s left of your French insecticide on your politicians make sure you fire the spray across the top of a lit lighter. Works slick with little or no back flash. Really annoys the politician as well.

  9. They say rat poison works better on politicians. Some company was going to advertise it, but they stop when they were contacted by lawyers threatening to sue. The rats didn’t objected to being grouped with politicians.

  10. Kirk M _ Our politicians are made of a combination of teflon and asbestos.  Wouldn’t work.

    Jim C – Rat poison?  Arsenic?  Cyanide?  Who cares, as long as it does the job.

  11. Awww, for a second there, I thought the fly was actually crawling over Sharon’s face live in the newsroom…

  12. Welcome, Unstranger!  Of course Sharon wouldn’t like it.  She doesn’t like anything coming between us two.

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