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  1. It is a hole of a place.  No shops of interest for day to day things, like you said.
    I have spoken to the manager of the center a few times (used to live next to it and she used to work there) and he likes to think of it as a “boutique venue”.

  2. I like Next. Maybe you could whip a few items and bring them up to Cavan for me?

  3. Maxi – ’boutique venue’ my arse.  It is purely a place to separate dumb-fucks from their money.

    E Mum – You can do your own damned shoplifting.  You aren’t a Yummy Mummy, are you?  *sigh*

  4. Use the MRIV warheads for better coverage. You want to make sure you get all of it. other wise it may grow back.

  5. I work opposite one of these places – directly opposite.. and some people think I’m lucky (?) ‘cos I ‘can go shopping in my lunch hour’ – no fear – I cannot imagine anything worse!

  6. Well, the Hughs & Hughs bookshop is OK, though not strictly speaking part of the main place, which I agree is a blight on the world, designed purely for vapid and inane people to do vapid and inane things in a futile effort to give meaning to their vapid and inane lives.

  7. Those places drain the life out of me.
    I was dragged there once i think, horrible horrible FASHIONABLE shops.
    I loathe fashion.

  8. Shopping Malls.  I dislike them them probably as much as you do.  Lifeless, soulless places where creativity and hope go to die.

  9. I am back.

    It wasn’t as bad as I though it would be.

    It was worse.  Far, far worse.

    It was crowded, full of fancy nancy shops and the noise was unbearable.  Everything echoed around the place and I kept getting lost [in the one fucking shop. How can anyone get lost in a fucking shop??]

    It definately has to be nuked for the sake of humanity.

    Jim C – I will be using a deep penetration warhead, for an underground blast.  It is essential to kill the roots to prevent regrowth.

    Kate – Why would anyone go shopping in their lunchhour?  Unless they need to buy lunch of course?

    Thrifty – I saw mention of it, but it was ouside the range of my map, which only covered the first hundred square miles.

    Welcome Morgor!!  I now declare it fashionable to despise fishion.  OK?

    Brianf – As usual I have to disagree with you.  Soulless, they certainly are, but they are packed to capacity with Trendies, Yummy Mummys and other forms of low life.  It certainly sucked at my soul.  I had to stop off on the way home to breath some good clean cow-shit laden air to stop my head spinning.

  10. It’s a hole I hate it soooo much, trying working there during christmas with all the stuck up feckers and screaming kids everywhere and everyone wants everything damn well gift wrapped!! uh i hate the place soooooooooo much!!
    Where’s me vodka?

  11. I’m in West Virginia for the summer, and think of you every day. There are shops here called “Smoker Friendly” in every town, that only sell tobacco products and alcoholic beverages…. often next to a gun shop. Obviously this is where they got their ‘almost heaven’ song from.

    Good luck with the nuking!

  12. While I agree that all shopping centres are dreadful places, dreadful must be looked at as being relative.

    Liffey Valley S.C. is dreadful, is in a shit area & is full of Knackers.

    Blanchardstown S.C. is dreadful, is in a shit area & is full of Knackers.

    Jervis Centre, is dreadful, is in a shit area & is full of Knackers.

    The Ilac Centre is, well fuck it, it’s the Ilac centre, no need to say anymore.

    Dundrum “Town Centre” is in itself dreadful but as it’s in a good area, not populated by knackers and has a secure underground carpark it will get my vote everytime.

  13. IKEA is opening shortly Grandad …. that’ll get your fear of shops and shopping centres in perspective!

  14. TT – Who is Kevin James?

    Jelly – You actually worked there over Christmas.  You have my heartfelt sympathy.  Or was it a sado-masochistic thing?

    Susan – You think of me every day?  I had no idea you had such feelings [but please don’t let Herself know].  Could you please bring me back a couple of crates of .45 hollow point ammunition?  I’m running low.

    Lafsword – I have never been in the Blanchardstown one or Liffey Valley for that matter, so I am no expert on those.  The underground carpark in Dundrum is a very good idea.  It would only take one fuel tank to go up and it’s bye bye Dundrum?

    Paddy – In front of you lot as witnesses, I hereby swear on the Karma Sutra that I will never ever set foot in Ikea.  I would rather make my own furniture out of matchsticks.

  15. I would recommend using Tomahawk cruise missiles armed with high yield conventional warheads rather than of full bore nukes. If you can drive there within reasonable time then you’re way to close nuclear. Besides, with cruise missiles you can do “over the shoulder shots. Send several out, each in different directions. Run ’em out a hundred miles or so then bring each back so that they’ll hit the target from different approaches. Launch at night, keep ’em low and they’ll never be able to track them back to you and you’ll not have to worry about nuclear fallout or being within the initial blast area.
    Or you can come live in Newport, VT. Lot’s of land, plenty of mountains, 5 auto parts stores and not a frickin’ shopping mall within 150 miles or more.  Hell, we can’t even get a Walmart up here.

  16. So why doesn’t this fancy new WYSIWYG comment box do paragraphs? Maybe has something to do  with CSS styling? Don’t you just love off topic comments like this one?
    I double spaced for this line. Let’s see if that works. If it does it’s definitely a CSS problem.

    Edit: Yup, that’s what it is alright.

  17. Kirk M – Tomahawks sound like a good idea.  I could even announce them as a public firewoks display?  [Come and see the rockets over Dublin Bay??]  You are seriously tempting me with a move to the States.  I know I have said a lot about America, but this God forsaken country seems to have adopted all the worst aspects of America anyway, so I probably wouldn’t notice the difference?

    Sorry about the comment box thingy.  I’m just doing some experimenting, and it isn’t finalised yet……..

  18. yeah worked there for over three years, four christmases, (you know had to feed Maxi’s porn addiction), made some sweet commission but would never work in retail again,  wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy

  19. Sweet Jayzus!!!! Three years?  What did you do to deserve that?  Mass murder?  And why can’t Maxi sort his own addiction?

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