The banks are at it again — 7 Comments

  1. yeah, hate that luh-la “done” when there’s absolutely nothing on the screen. Frustrates the heck outta me on a bad day. Did actually come to close one day to screaming while surfing in the library in college! Apparently, folks get kicked outta libraries for that kinda behaviour.

    As for the banks…….. oops, forgot train of thought there

  2. Susan – That’s the problem… They are spending the money on themselves and aren’t updating their damned websites.

    Maxi – Not yet. I snuck into their laboratories and robbed one of their future versions.

    Charmed – I reached screaming point this morning. It scared the crap out of the dog.

  3. Of course the connections to banks are slow. You do realize how many key logger start up when you enter a banks URL? Your web connection is going through at least 50 separate servers in Russia before it even connects to the bank. As soon as they can get to it they will update the hijacking code to work with the new firefox and it to will work, slowly.

  4. I like Firefox – don’t understand it – but I use it at home and at work – I also check my bank account online it accesses really fast but it doesn’t make it any healthier!!!

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