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  1. Oh wow–now next time could you mention *before* you go so we can have a listen? I hope someone recorded it for you at least; when I was on the PK show last year my husband told me I was ‘great’ but when I asked to hear it he just looked blank: it never occurred to him to tape it. It hadn’t occurred to me I’d need to ask. D’oh!

    Now, someone tell RTE about the money they’d save if only they’d reinstate Rick’s researchers and let Yourself take over the Late Late. For that, I might even buy me a television.

  2. Susan – I didn’t mention it beforehand because I knew no one would listen. Even Herself stayed in bed and slept through it all. No recordings. Nothing. No one gives a damn.

    It is repeated tonight, and I may try to record it then, just to prove to the Grandchildren that I do exist.

    Jim C – A gentleman, as always.

    Hoor – There is no way I am leaving my mountains for the hell hole that is London City.

    TT – Who cares who the girl with the cellulite is as long as she has the required parts?

  3. Dear Grandad,
    You did sound good on East Coast radio today, and got in lots of plugs for your book.
    You even interested me enough to look up your web site.
    Keep up the good work, and when your book arrives in the local public library, I will read it.

  4. Wow! Would ya look at that. Someone heard me!

    Welcome, John and thanks for dropping by. So you found the right web site? Not that there are many like this one. Heh! I don’t know if the library service will sink so low as to get the book – they do have standards?

  5. Is it available as a podcast? Did you acknowledge the support of your commentators? Like the makeover by the way.

  6. wah hey, I see a new career beckoning for Grandad – current affairs on the radio, or sports reports, or fashion & beauty tips, maybe a gardening show……..

    er, why the girl in the bikini? Not sure what she adds to the show? Liking that you’ve given the pint o’ Guinness the center spot

  7. SHoop – It is apparently repeated tonight at midnight HERE. The only drawback is that I’m not on for about two hours!. I will try and build a podcast out of it anyway.

    Charmed – Because a girl with no bikini might offend someone. They are just the thoughts that ramble through Grandad’s head?

  8. Excellent makeover, Grandad. Very much like the writing as well and I’m fussy. The new site reminds me of a cross between school copy books and good classic 1970’s animation art.

    You can nearly smell the paint.

  9. Xbox – No tape. If radio is the new internet, does that mean I have to start blogging there?

    Thank you, Captain [*salutes smartly*] I must have been influenced by old memories? And I hope you didn’t touch the graphics – you’re right – they are still not dry.

    B[BBB] – Why are you on the radio? do you not have a chair to sit on?

  10. I went to the link to East Coast something or other radio for about three hundred ads and apart from one middle-aged sounding lady I would have thought everyone I heard was from that fabled island in the mid-atlantic. Are Irish accents not allowed on the radio anymore?

  11. Will this brush with stardom become a regular thing Grandad? I can see you sat in your rocker in front of a roaring spaniel, pipe clamped in your jaw, eyes set in a thousand yard stare. Gentle music music wafts in the background as pearls of wisdom fall elegantly from your lips into the microphone, a bit like ‘Thought for the Day’!

  12. Let us know when it’s available, would you please? Liking the new look! Very swish altogether. You’ve changed the quote at the top though, have you? Is it a bit more genteel now?

  13. Paulo – Maybe they took me on to supply some genuine non-mid-Atlantic accent? It didn’t stop me advertising though. 😈

    B[bBbB] – Is this yet another miracle?

    Hoor – As long as they don’t try to make me into a “Celebrity”. I’m not going in no fucking house for the television. “Thought for the day” sounds nice though.

    Darragh – Posted today [Friday]. I’m glad you like the look. The quote is the same though?

  14. Well alright! Start of media stardom. A Paul Lefebvre of the Irish set (Paul’s a well loved local author who also writes for a local area weekly paper. A fine writer all around.)

    An now I’m listening to the Doobie Brothers and Blue Oyster Cult on live Irish radio 10 times clearer than I can get my local station on the radio, not that I’d want to listen to their crap. And they do a fine job hiding the accent but there’s no fooling a man of the world like meself (Man, I love that accent. Especially when it’s spoken by a female voice).

    Next thing you know you’ll have girls calling you up wanting to take your picture.

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