Babysitting — 23 Comments

  1. That makes two of us babysitting at the moment 😐

    I’m only babysitting one 13 month old though..

  2. I have a wild kitty full of piss and vinegar who’s running back and forth, spinning and jumping up and down from the desk, all the while singing the national anthem in cat and lighting off firecrackers while yelping and doing somersaults in imitation of a Peruvian YOYO, which is the biggest, baddest and most expensive YOYO you can obtain, if you’re lucky enough to do so because they’re no longer manufactured and the last one I saw on Ebay about 5 years ago was going for over a thousand dollars, so I bought it and now the kitty plays with it, which he is ALSO doing at the moment, among all that other stuff.

  3. Hey, I’m right under Kate now as Top Commentator.

    Kate likes to be on top, so I better make this the last one for a while.

  4. I now have a Laughingboy laughing in the back bedroom, a kitten doing its best to demolish me, a Puppychild who is now hyper on E-numbers [*heh*] and a very irate TAT who didn’t like the fact that I set a Puppychild on him to wake him up. I am out of milk and I have a sore arse from sitting on a wooden chair for the last five hours.

    Apart from that, I’m miserable.

    RhodesTer – TT is on top of the pile, so feel free to comment!!

    McAWilliams – I am so glad that you take delight in the misfortune of others! 😐

  5. I’m really not sure where this is going Rhodes Ter – I’m not sure how I got to be on top it just happened – and as for liking it….. well……

    Grandad – I have Keiron on his way for a fun packed evening and weekend with alcohol and good food ( I know ‘cos I cooked it) – you enjoy the babysitting – hopefully my turn will come!!!!

  6. she’s digging her claws into my leg, and having a swing . . . .well put your trousers back on and it won’t hurt as much!

  7. Kate – What do you mean “enjoy my babysitting”? I have been here for EIGHT HOURS now with nowhere to sit, nothing to eat and only a laptop for company. Forget it!!

    Baino – I am wearing quite thick trousers but the cat has fucking claws like 6″ needles.

    Susan – Anything but babysitting.

    TT – I thought the World Cup was a couple of years ago? Or are you getting a good seat in time for the 2010 one?

  8. Applause for RhodesTer for his most excellent comment (wish I’d done that).


    But you were the one that agreed to babysit, yes? Or did they blackmail you? Why do I think you actually like this?

  9. Kirk M – I agreed to babysit under extreme Durex duress. I don’t know where my daughter gets her blackmailing talents from?

  10. Ach! You know you love it Grandad!

    Put flea powder in your beard, that’ll keep the kitten out – and pad your legs with bubble wrap.

  11. A big ;long sigh over due sounds like youe having great fun there hmm but i am worried about the kitten making a play for your beard. hee hee

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