The big TWO — 55 Comments

  1. Happy Burfday Grandad!

    Now that your in the terrible twos, can we expect lots of temper tantrums and drama?

  2. “What the hell am I doing here????”

    Well, let me see.

    You mean besides the friends, the international goodwill, teaching others to rid their own wee countries of Americans, and the book deal, the ability to irritate the powers-that-be, and the fame that gets you free pints down in the village and long, admiring looks from the lasses, and all this for free, what the hell are you doing here?

    Because, if so, I can thoroughly understand your quandry.

    Myself, I have discovered it to be habit. Though, frankly, a habit that work gets in the way of more often than not. I look forward to the day that I, too, can retire someplace semi-alpine and natter about annoying my neighbors in person, as well as virtually annoying the rest of the world.

    Face it, Grandad, you’ve the best of all possible worlds…

    (Okay; maybe there could be a little more money in it…)

  3. Two, I didn’t realize your site was two years old. Thats forever in internet years. I am sorry I did not realize you where that ancient. No wonder an old dinosaur like me felt at home here.

  4. Annie – Thanks! Now that I’m growing up, I’m really going to start using bad language.

    Green Ink – It just proves I’m still a newcomer around here….

    Doc – I suppose there are side benefits. I find that the young girls throwing their nubile bodies at me can be a bit tiresome though, when I’m just trying to enjoy a quiet pint.

    Jim C – It certainly feels like forever.

  5. Ballybrack, being a state of mind, is the most remote of those places!

    308,8917 – are you attending the Brian Lenihan school of sums?

  6. Happy Blog Birthday Grandad. I know I don’t often comment but I always read your blog for its inimitable humour. Plus the sharp comments on southern Irish politics. Keep throwing those tourists over the cliffs and annoying the neighbours!

  7. Happy Birthday Two Year Old!!!!
    Well you’ve been entertaining far more people than you know about and relieving all that tension as you go!
    Thats why you look so baby faced – what time does the party start?

  8. Ian – Ballybrack is a Stellar place [just to the left of Uranus]. Most of the natives are spaced, anyway. I’m giving Lenihan lessons.

    Nick – ‘Tis not the quantity but the quality. I hope the neighbours agree with you?

  9. Kate – I may be relieving your tension but I’m reliving mine. The party starts at three with ‘pass the parcel’ and ends at five.

  10. will there be jelly and ice cream? And is there a flight that will get me there on time????
    Probably not on both counts – I’ll raise a glass to you later….

  11. and here I thought I was fortunate enough to be interacting with a wise old sage, now I find out you are a young whipper-snapper!!!! Congratulations and happy B-day you babe in the woods!

  12. Kate – Lots of jelly and ice-cream, washed down with Guinness.

    John O – I am many things, but I ain’t no Babe!! Thanks 😉

    Prin – Besotted bemusement? So that’s it. I knew it was something like that, beginning with a B.

    JA – At least I didn’t ask where I came from…..

  13. Happy Birthday Grandad.
    Angrier posts than ever this week and I, for one, fucking love it.
    Keep that edge and you’ll always have reason to be here.

  14. Well Happy Happy Blog Birthday to you, sir.
    My second comes up in January so I’ll have to watch you so I’ll know how to act.

  15. Andrew – Thanks. I’m feeling angry this week, but so are a lot of other oldies 😉

    Brianf – Don’t forget, it’s your birthday too, by proxy seeing as you are riding high with that gun of yours on my banner. It always brings back great memories of that day the two of us ambushed the coach tour in Glendalough.

  16. No “pass the parcel” Grandad, and live grenades even wrapped in pink paper are just not funny once you’ve hit sixty.

  17. Well Jesus but don’t you deserve a fine beating around the face and neck after your olagoning about the ‘old days’ only to reveal the old days are in fact barely 10 weeks off last feckin’ year!

    Happy Birthday anyway, I suppose…


  18. Granny – You have no sense of fun! Fucking spoilsport.

    Xbox – As a week is a long time in politics [*heh*], so two years is a very long time in the blog world. Anyway, I did say I wasn’t that long at it…..

  19. That was the royal we.

    Me, Ginger Harry and Zara whatsherface are part time happy slappers.

    Well, Zara isn’t so happy about it. Harry’s trying to earn an asbo.

    These painkillers are starting to kick in Grandad.

    Should there not be two ‘d’s mid Grandad?

  20. I have a few ASBOs to spare if you want them?

    Granddad? Nah. Grandad is the way [and the truth]. Anyway, you can talk…..

  21. But, but, but…It’s Grandma isn’t it?

    I sincerely hope you are not poking fun at my hideous and apparently indecipherable to American’s name?

  22. Nice tactic Grandad – mentioning the free Guinness 23mins before the party ended. We don’t exactly live next door, you know! Thankfully.

    Happy 2nd Birthday Head Rambles! You’ll be out of nappies soon no doubt.

  23. Heartless so you are, bringing it up as I’m at my lowest ebb. What kind of a stone hearted creature (head)rambles on about Guinness to a fella living away from the old sod with n’er a decent pint to be found!

    For shame.

  24. Xbox – only just now checked out your blog. Not heartless but sorry! 🙁 Merely commenting on your odd username!

  25. Grandad – The Spag Hoops are in detention / Sin Bin. Not that you’ll hear this as you no doubt are still celebrating with all that icecream.

  26. Hey happy b’day, Grandad!!
    SOme fairly heftly impressive stats: thats 13.5 comments for every post, 1 comment for every 12 visits. That’s pretty good to me. Congrats, and here’s to the next 2 years of Head Rambles – Cheers!

  27. Xbox – Where the hell did you get that name anyway? Did your parents have a sense of humour?

    S. Hoop – Why are you in detention? Been caught at it again? 😉

    Thanks, Charmed. I never bothered working out those statistics. This post has apparently gone way over its allocation of comments, which means no one need comment for the rest of the week?

  28. It wasn’t my first choice – “PatheticDesperateInfertileAndOverweightBlogger” was taken.

  29. Well Happy Birthday Grandad. You’ve had the same effect nicotine has had on me. It has taken me all of 2 days to get addicted and damn it, it will take at least another least 2 years to give up 🙂

  30. In the daily paper there is one cartoon I read. It’s my favorite. It’s called “Overboard.” It’s part of my daily routine. One of life’s little pleasures. I don’t know why the hell it’s there, but I am glad it is.
    Happy anniversary old chap.

  31. “What the hell am I doing here??”

    Entertaining us all with your sharp Irish wit, that’s what! Keep it up.

  32. Xbox – You should have gone with the first name.

    Milton – That’s fair enough. This is a compulsory smoking area. I prefer pipe smokers but I will tolerate any cigarette smokers provided they don’t blow smoke in my face. Sorry if you are addicted as a result.

    TT – Are you suggesting I rename the site to ‘Overboard’?

  33. Maureen – I wish you people would wait until I have answered the last lot before commenting. I’m getting confused.
    I would have thought my wit was a bit dulled at this stage? Anyone got a whetstone?

  34. Maxi – There’s no such thing. It’s your un-birthday.

    Thanks Manuel! Meal on the house?

    TT – Fair nuff.

  35. Keep on doing whatever the hell it is your doing because i enjoy it and appreciate the effort you put into it. Happy Birthday Grandad!

  36. So does two years constitute being an ‘old’ blogger? I didn’t realise it but I started up before you – only just – October 17! Congratulations . . now you’re a ‘terrible two’ can you make it to the ‘silly sevens’

  37. But where has all this got me?

    I really don’t know.

    What the hell am I doing here????

    It’s like an addicition, you should never grow out of it 🙂

    One thing I can say, is that when my site turns 2 next January, it won’t have anywhere near those stats 😯

  38. Well looka’ that. Grandad is two! Strange, I kinda thought he was older than that.

    So what the hell are ya’ doing here?

    Why 55 comments to your two year old post counting this one, and that’s a good reason. 54 of ’em that I won’t have time to read before supper’s ready so I’ll just have to read ’em all later. By then there’s sure to be about 100 or more which is another good reason for being here and doing this. Everybody wants to talk to you.

    Hell, if we all showed up at your favorite pub to drink to your health (even better if you happened to be there), Ireland might go dry for all the refills we’d be orderin’, toasts we’d be makin’ (*hic*) and just plain drinkin’ to yer healf (*hic*) and all that (*hic*) gud stuff. And thasa gud reezun (*hic*) 2 you bedder beleefit! (*hic*).

    Now wherf de bafroom (*hic*), I godda frow up. (*hic*).

    Now where could I ever leave a comment like that one if you hadn’t decided to start a-bloggin’? Glad you did, sir! Here’s to another several years or so.

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