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  1. Sorry to hear that Grandad.

    Hope everything (whatever “everything” is) works out for you.

    (Sorry – was I meant to keep with the “raining” analogy?)

  2. Grandad – my earlier comment is still awaiting moderation. Apologies if it or I caused any offense – I assure you absolutely none was intended.

    Hope it all turns out ok.


  3. May the heavy driblets of dolour and dark clouds of gloom that have invaded your world, dissolve into a brilliant and felicitous azure colour.

    Best Wishes, Grandad.

  4. I don’t know what to say! I haven’t even said what’s up [though it’s pretty obvious, I suppose]. Thank you all so much.

    TBA – I’m not at the keyboard much today so you got stuck in moderation through tardiness, not anything else. My apologies.

  5. Personally i like the rain as it keeps the pollen down and away so i won’t use any of those “rain” notations.

    Hoping all is well and the wind is at your back and your pen is dipped in ink as they say ’round my way!

  6. Was not sure what to say…so many have said it all already, stay strong, you have helped so many of us through tough days, wish I had a free fix it card in my back pocket for you.

  7. Grandad,
    Here is wishing you a speedy resolution and continued well-being. Your friends are feeling for you and yours. God Bless you.

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