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  1. You are indeed Sophie, sister of Cecelia and daughter of Bartholomew Ahern of Drumcondra, Dublin 9. You are a member of the de Valera Cumann of Fianna Fail and your favourite memories are all connected with a tent at Ballybrit.

    You have bad memories of men called Flood and Mahon, but they are all in the past now.

  2. Should I give a damn?

    Not at all, Sophie. We all have Mondays like this now and again.

  3. Ian – Do I know you? You seem to know me well. But there is something amiss about your account. It’s a sterling piece of information but somehow it doesn’t add up. I’ll just have to resign myself to what I remember.

    Primal Sneeze [Strange name?] – I’m very glad to hear it. Thank you.

  4. Hi Sophie,

    Hillarious posting! At last someone dippier than me (no offence intended).

    My brain hates me too. I think my computer sucked it in one day and they are conspiring together to glitch me to death!

    Take care, eat anti-oxidants.

  5. Sophie i am still waiting for the substantial check you were sending me, thank you.

  6. Geri Atric – Welcome to the Mad House. We are fellow souls traveling on a sea of technological insanity. Anti-oxidants? I’m not rusting! Yet.

    June – It’s in the post.

  7. Having lived in San Francisco in the late seventies, I too seem to be afflicted as such. You could REALLY get some good stuff in Golden Gate Park back in those days.

    What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, beer. I had one and then took a walk.

  8. Hi Grandad,

    Thanks for the welcome! I thought your name was Sophie (?) A grandad called Sophie…oh well, why not. It’s the most sensible thing I’ve heard today. It is Wednesday today isn’t it? You never know, days are sneaky like that – always changing their names between dusk and dawn…


  9. Just wait until you can’t remember your PIN number, and your entire world comes crumbling down as a result.

    That’s why I wear a helmet.

  10. er, Sophie, can I take the opportunity to remind you of that Linux server of mine that you promised to install all sorts of goodies on 😉 And while I’m here will you pass on to Cecelia that her latest book’s a cracker?

  11. Do like that guy out of Memento and tattoo important notes like ‘name, address, milk & sugar?’ etc about your person.

  12. RhodesTer – I [don’t] remember those days. They say if you remember them, you weren’t there.

    Geri – Yes. Grandad seems familiar. Things are beginning to come back. So it’s Wednesday, is it?

    XBox4NappyRash – Do you really think I’m that stupid? I write my PIN on my cards in indelible ink. I wasn’t born yesterday, you know.

    Charmed – You’ll have to remind me about the server. So Cecelia’s book is a cracker, is it? Does that mean you have pulled it apart?

    OFTR – Don’t talk to me about tattoos. Sore subject.

  13. I’ve never heard of anyone getting a tattoo on their subject before. I imagine that must be sore, right enough.

  14. Sam – OUCH! one would have to be very careful in one’s choice of image? It would have to be able to contract and expand, surely?

  15. Sophie… do you remember Niagara Falls ?

    “Step by step, inch by inch, slowly we turn….”

  16. You are Tyler Durden.
    Meatloaf is your apostle.
    You destroy Starbucks branches with home made dynamite for an occupation.

  17. I think I know who I am now. Thanks for all the help. I’m off now to Starbucks….

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