How to smell properly — 15 Comments

  1. Hey! Now I know that my computer is to blame for my recent typos! I’d thought it was because I broke a finger in a fall last Thursday. I like being able to blame a machine rather than my own clumsiness.

  2. Way to hang in there & show him/her(?) who’s boss Grandad!!!

  3. Good point, Olga. It sort of snarls and is hellishly stubborn like a woman, but on the other hand, what female uses language like that? Apart from Herself….

    I think it is probably genderless. Either way it knows who is Boss now. I think. I hope…..

  4. How appropriate I spilled tea on the keyboard earlier and now it’s fighting with me , I have to re-read and fill in all the missing letters!
    Time for a new Keyboard me thinks

  5. Ah, tell it that you are going to install Windows 1.0! They all shiver at the thought of that! 🙂 You have to love/hate Microsoft! Press F8 to agree to disagree. Maybe “F8” should stand for fate? 🙂

  6. Hilarious! Thanks for the deep belly laugh! Until I read this post I was sure my keyboard was fucking with me…now I’m sure of it 🙂

  7. Welcome, Prin 🙂

    You have to keep the little bastards in line and show them who is boss from time to time.

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