There is a Jedi in my Spam Box — 14 Comments

  1. Ah Grandad,

    He’s not at you now.

    Is this the stuff about John Gormley really being Luke Skywalker’s auntie?

  2. Ian,

    No. [An interesting insight into Gormless’ family tree?] He’s on about something else, though he does mention that “There are also a nuber of sleeper jedi in your green party“. I’m not sure what a nuber is?

  3. I read a letter in one of the papers – I’m not sure whether it was the Irish Times or the Daily Telegraph – where the correspondent noted that US airport security was more relaxed, a child carrying a light sabre did not have it confiscated, “after all”, concluded the letter, “the last killing with a light sabre was long, long ago in a galaxy far away”.

    I assumed that the sleeper jedi included the esteemed minister and knowing that the entire younger jedi community had been killed in Episode 3, guessed he must have been a relative of the parents.

  4. I had a frequent commenter for a while who couldn’t say anything complimentary – he was nasty and disparaging from the beginning. At first I just replied to him and set him straight (given that he seldom had any basis in fact to support what he said), but after awhile I just deleted him and then banned his ISP, which my host lets me do. He showed up shortly thereafter on another ISP, which I promptly banned, and I haven’t heard from him since.

    It’s not that I’m a censor either, but I figure if you’re going to say something negative, at least make sense. He seemed to be coming from more of a manner of doing it just to do it, rather than anything constructive, so BUH BYE.

    I don’t have a problem with controlling content on my blog, which I pay for, but I’m not going to bounce anyone who disagrees with me – it’s just the approach of being a jackass for the sake of being a jackass that I won’t put up with.

    I do like your approach too, GD.

  5. RhodesTer – I don’t mind negative comments. What annoys me is this bloke heading off on a weird tangent [talking about Jedi and the like, and refusing to enter into a discussion]. It sounds interesting, but he just blanks up. I warned him that if he didn’t stop messing, I’d mark him as spam. He didn’t, so I did. Now he’s pleading to be let out.

    I’ll let him out on one condition – that he writes to me, tells me who he is [to be kept confidential, if he wishes] and to enter into a reasonable debate. It really sounds like an interesting topic too.

  6. I guessed I had been spammed.

    Am I a jedi? No, the Church of Ireland would never allow anything so colourful; though Yoda’s English does have a 17th Century feel about it.

  7. Well he he’s persistent if nothing else! Um actually “all your other blogging friends have no problem with it” Oh yes they do and they deleted him too!

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