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  1. Steph – I just had a bowl of porridge. Now Herself is firing me out into the cold to get the paper. Women have no heart. 🙁

    TT – It’s only a grouchy Sunday hangover. I get them sometimes, even when I haven’t touched a drop. Life isn’t fair…….

  2. Laura – You could be right. I’ll lay in more tobacco supplies when I’m getting the paper. When I can be bothered to get the paper, that is..

  3. Just an fyi but last week’s school shooting was in Illinois. 13? shot in the head. 6 dead icluding himself(one of the students.) I think there was one in Georgia also. I understand Georgia are away this week. What gets me is the repetative newspaper headline. Everytime. “How did this happen?” Followed by me screaming over my Weetabix “It’s the guns you f*ckin’ idiot.” Apologies to Brianf. It’s time for my Weetabix. Bye.

  4. Good Morning!
    Grandad, I hope you feel better in time for the race today.
    tt, I have been downright amazed at how many of the whining MSM liberals have been screaming to get rid of the so-called Gun Free School Zones. Maybe there is hope for them after all.

  5. Ohhh dear, who’s a little Grandad Grumps today then? In my house you’d be forcibly tickled until you smiled and then made to eat flapjacks and hot chocolate. Works every time x

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