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  1. Did you realise that you’re missing a ball, Grandad?

    You know what they say about juggling work and play though it has to be said, you make blogging sound so easy, it’s child’s play!

  2. I wrote a book last year. I went to Skerries to get it written. Great book-writing country. Recommend it.

  3. That’s all right, Robert.

    Steph – Where? Blogging is easy. I just write any old crap that comes into my head.

    Patrick – The unfortunate thing is that I would have to bring my work and my blog with me. Actually, where I am is a bit of a writer’s haven.

  4. Ah what are you talking about. Juggling is fun and colourful and makes children laugh. You could be stuck in a crummy office all day!

  5. “I am a stickler for grammarâ€?

    You must hate me so, I am illiterate, dyslexic some say. I bet despite the juggling and the pressure you are in your element. It seems an enormous challenge you have there. Imagine how rewarding it will all be when you get to the finish line and have the book complete. The best of luck with each endeavour Grandad, I’m sure you’ll do fantastic!

  6. OK. I have dealt with a couple of business calls, and have had a nice nap.

    Conortje – Hah! I did the best part of thirty years in offices. I also spent years working ‘on the road’ in all weathers. I know all about it!

    Thrifty – Nice to know? It’s an interesting article. Does Kennedy = Waters?

    Nonny – No. I’m a stickler for my own grammar. It’s just one of those little quirks I have that can be very irritating at times – little things like using apostrophes in the right place and not confusing “its” with “it’s”. I am really looking forward to the last full stop in the book. But then comes the re-write, the proof reading, the editing….. *sigh*

  7. I am very curious about exactly what your work is. Of course, I understand your need for privacy. Still……….scratch,scratch.

  8. TT – Guess! It’s more fun.

    Brianf – I robbed it off your mantelpiece. You have thousands of photos of yourself around the house so I didn’t think you’d miss one.

  9. Keep juggling my friend, you’d end up bored and burned out otherwise. Ask me how I know this (rhetorical question there). Unlike real juggling, in this type of sideshow act, the amount of time spent holding on to each ball individually varies accordingly to the requirements of the day so you can just go along with the flow of things on a day to day basis since no two days will be alike. One thing refreshes another and keeping up with it sharpens the mind. And keeping sharp is a very important thing at our age (although I believe you might be a bit older than I).

    Use the blogging as a break from the deadlines and customers and you’ll do fine. If you can’t comment regularly I figure everyone will insult you right proper while your away. And if any of your customers get unreasonably unreasonable, tell ’em “piss off” from me.

  10. Grannymar – I even taught K8 how to clean a chimney!!

    Kirk M – That is very sound advice indeed. I like the idea of varing the amount of time on each ball. I’ll try that. And in fact, I do use blogging as a break. I may only comment occasionally, but I’m watching.

    Funny… I got the idea you were older than me! I don’t know why? The level of wisdom?

  11. Irresistable! To think that perhaps I am entering the sphere above your head. See me as lavendar? Although, since i write from California, perhaps you are riding the sleep ball in your circling?

    PS this is my first visit…thank you for the fresh (take that however you like) look at the serenity prayer.

  12. I came here for the express purpose of viewing someone with his balls in the air. I was quite disappointed to find that this is not a porn site.


    Actually, I know ALL TOO MUCH about juggling the *ah-hum* metaphorical balls of life. I wish I could get my act together and finish the books I’ve started. I have many a beautiful beginning, and ZERO ends, beautiful, crappy, or otherwise.

    Nice blog you’ve got here.


  13. Wow! Two new visitors at once.. Welcome 🙂

    Openpalm – You want to be careful there. Those balls are in constant motion and you DO NOT want to end up in the yellow one! That book is strictly for the weird of mind.
    I mutter the Serenity Prayer to myself every morning.

    Morgetron – If you wanted something crude, you came to the right place but the wrong page. There are loads of obscene photos. I posted one of “Paris Hilton Nude Pussy” a short while ago.

    My problem with the book is that I have the first half done, and the end complete. It’s tying the two together that is bugging me!!

  14. Grandad,

    The Navy performed a long term study on the physical and psychological effects of being assigned to a submarine since the beginning of WWII. They concluded that for every year on board a submarine, a man will age, physically and mentally, approximately 5 years. This was accurate right through the Cold War when I served.

    Considering the above, I figure that I passed on 2 years, 3 months and 14 days ago. I therefor humbly request a belated Irish wake celebrated on my behalf to be held at your favorite pub. The time of the event is completely up to you of course. Rolling a coffin against the end of the bar and crying on the lid is strictly optional.

    I regret that I will be unable to attend as I’m still digging my own grave.

    Don’t send flowers, send money.

  15. I do have an idea … You may have one of my middles … Who cares if the characters and plot change? That happens in many books these day anyway.


  16. Hmm I thought you had to keep all your balls in the air because of the last post about making babies all over the blogosphere- and to find out you are just a juggler like the rest of us.

  17. AT LAST! The only man in the world who can multitask using both lobes of his brain. Wonderful Grandad, you are unique! She’ll be right mate!

  18. Grandad, thank you so much for answering my question and with so much good advice and humour. I’ll add the link to the post.
    Also lots of wisdom nuggets in your interview with Damien – I look forward to the book!

  19. Kirk – I’m terribly sorry to hear about your very personal bereavement. You should be over your own loss by now though. I will indeed consider it an honour to partake in your wake. No chance of nipping across and being the guest of honour???

    Morgetron – I like the idea of a Romance suddenly switching to a Gothic Murder and then back to Romance again. Keep the readers on their toes, I say.

    Baino – Apparently, after a few independent tests, I have been diagnosed[?] as using both lobes in equal measure. Apparently, it’s unusual, but what would I know?

    Sinéad – Thank you very much for posing it. It is all a new experience for me, so writing it down helps me too. Don’t forget – you take a lot of the credit/blame for this blog!!

  20. Grandad,

    I’d like nothing better. Unfortunately the border consists of this big, blue, wet thing and I fear that I can’t tread water for more than half the distance. The cold water really gets to me this time of year, especially at my age. Used to be a lot easier when I had a submarine.

    And yes, I’m used to it by now in fact I wouldn’t have even noticed in the first place if my doctor hadn’t had such a hard time taking my blood pressure. I guess he felt it was a tad low.

    Thank you kindly for celebrating on my behalf. Enjoy the wake and let me know how it went after you recover.

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