Here I go again — 19 Comments

  1. Bit of a problem there with the formula, GD – you forgot the factor of the free-ranging, non-inhaled smoke?

  2. TT – I just have an active mind!

    WWW – That’s true, but a) watch a pipe smoker sometime, and you’ll see that the amount of smoke produced from a pipe in the hand is minimal to almost none [compared to a cigarette], and b) I think I was being a bit generous in allowing 10% of my smoke to blow indoors. I would reckon [in today’s wind] at probably <1% !

  3. Ah, yes, but by homeopathic standards that is clearly too high. The air it has been in will retain the “memory” of the carcinogens and go on to lay waste to the entire universe. Clearly. Ask The Amazing Randy.

  4. In fairness pipe smoke is a pleasant smell. In fact I think they should pay you to lend atmosphere to the establishment.

  5. What about all those SUV’s spouting smoke and fumes outside the door? Are they not worse than your little pipe?

  6. Thrifty – LOUDER PLEASE!! And you’re not the first to say that! The locals like to see me puffing the pipe, and always come over to greet the dog.

    RhodesTer – You’re a neurotic!

    Grannymar – Funny you should say that. I was there for about an hour. During that time, countless SUVs, several buses and many heavy lorries trundles past within a couple of yards of me. I won’t even mention the cars. Any single one of them produced far more filth than I did. It just shows how stupid and petty these laws are.

    Most pubs now use artificial air ‘fresheners’ these days. They probably produce more carcinogens than I ever did 😉

  7. Actually, I’ve been thinking of taking up a pipe myself. California laws are similar, but downtown Palm Springs is full of establishments with front patios and those patios are full of smokers. Shouldn’t be a problem here. Come for a visit someday and I’ll get you and watzerself a hotel suite for a couple of days.

  8. Did you know that artificial air ‘fresheners’ are known to cause diarrhoea and also depression!

  9. RhodesTer – Do. If you have to smoke, then the pipe is your only man. Very relaxing. I am available all summer for lessons and counseling.

    Grannymar – All I know about them is that both of us are allergic to the things. I hate them. They give me sinusitis!!

  10. I’m a former smoker, but I remain connected to the culture, like a collapsed Catholic. Fuckin awful that you should have to endure this humiliation, but if you can let me have names and addresses, there are some associates of mine who might call round for a quiet word.

  11. SandH – I was going to make exactly the same point. If they outlawed farting in all public places, I might calm down a bit. That goes for artificial scents, perfumes and so on as well.

    Bock – Now let me see? Department of Health? Who’s the minister there? GO ON. Do us all a favour!

  12. To be fair, most tobacco smells are awful – speaking purely as a holier-than-thou never-smoker. I don’t mind cigar/pipe smells nor the smell of some rolled tobacco cigs but unfortunately we can’t just ban the buggers with the stinky smoke.

  13. Welcome MJ! I hate cigarette smoke too. It makes my eyes water and it stings. Herself smokes cigarettes so I know all about it. *sigh*

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