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  1. My god, how many blogging award ceremonies do you have over there? Golden Spiders, Digital Media, Irish Blog Awards! Do they just keep making up awards ceremonies until everyone has one or is it one for every county?
    Congratulations on being shortlisted by the way.

  2. Go on out of that, you’re loving it. Another chance to rub shoulders with some sexy young groupies. A big well done from me you deserve it, he says patting the monitor hoping that some of GDs success rubs off on him.

  3. Well done you, Grandad. You put so much of yourself into your blog, you deserve to be recognised for it.

  4. Brianf – You left out the Net Visionary Awards, but you have covered all the main ones. They do all seem to come in one blast, but then we can live in peace for the rest of the year.

    Jack – I am embarrassed to be honest. My publisher [*cough*] is delighted though because he can blurb about “The Award Winning Blogger”. I hadn’t thought about the groupies…. Hmmmmm.


    TT – It wasn’t bad for 1973, you must admit?

    Caro – I’ve only been to one, so it’s a novelty. I won’t enter any more!

    Hullaballoo – You’re right. There is so much of me gone into my blog that 80% of me lives on a server somewhere. There’s only 20% if me left here.

  5. Congratulations! Good to know that Ireland still has a sense of humour and a bit of sanity in spite of having too much money and cocaine on all our public toilet seats.

    You deserve the shortlist AND a win or two, no embarassment necessary!

  6. Thanks Susan! Are you saying I’m sane? I will grant you that I don’t have much money, and whatever I sniff off public toilet seats, it isn’t cocaine. Maybe I’m just going into the wrong toilets?

  7. Awww… Wear your blue hat this time. Or your connemara cap! Also don’t forget the spud-gun for the band.

  8. I’m not sure where that blue hat has gone. I can only find my black woolly. Spud-gun is a good idea. AK47 is better.

  9. Jeez Grandad, better get a couple of gourmet recipes in there if you want to be in the finals! I love your work but Ice Cream Ireland and the Humble Housewife are gonna be hard to beat!

  10. How about a recipe for Tourist Flambé served on a bed of nails lightly garnished with buckshot in a white wine and petrol sauce?

  11. Baino – I qualified for my road-kill stew. The judges seem to like food all right!

    Jack – Do you have the recipe for that? Please?

    SID – If I go and if I bring K8 and if I let her take photos, I’ll warn you.

    P.S. €10,000 from my Northern Rock account. But the bidding is going well in eBay for the Golden Spider.

  12. Best of luck Grandad. You should have held on to that monkey suit from the last awards. You’re in the same category as the missus, so might see you there!


  13. John B – I’f I’m there, I’ll look out for you…

    Sneezy – That the other bloke.

    Sorry Flirty 🙁

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