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  1. Ohhh Godd! The Office Party. Bad enough having to work with them but to socialise with the sycophantic f*ckers. Nooo Thanks! By the way where did you get the footage of me mate Giblets? Seen him do that too, the sick alcho!

  2. Mobile phone cameras are great yokes!! The ruination of the Office Party, and many a person’s reputation!

  3. I’m going to buck the trend here and mention that I actually ENJOYED my work Christmas party last year…

  4. Drive home? That was a drink before returning to Customer Helpline duties.

    Having an occupation that would probably make one as popular as a member of the Garda Traffic Corps or a tax inspector at parties, I never get invited to any. I can identify very strongly with the episode of Mr Bean when he has a party!

  5. Ian – You’re probably right. And why should you be unpopular? You’re welcome up to Head Rambles Manor any time whenever we break out the booze and the hash other things.

    Robert – Go on. Admit it. Nothing to be ashamed of…

  6. Christmas parties have never particularly bothered me to be honest.

    I go, soak up some free food and drink.

    Chat to the people I like/have something in common with/have a laugh with.

    Ignore the fuckers I don’t – the brown nosed, the self centred, the egotistical, the casanova, the boring.

    Go home, come in the following day and spend it arguing over who was the worst for wear and betting over who will be the last to make it in, at what time and who wont make it in at all.

  7. That has to be the most disgusting video clip I’ve ever seen in my short life.

    By the way, I stumbled upon this website a few weeks ago and I have tuned in everyday ever since. I must admit I really enjoy your spin on events and life in general.

  8. Joe – Welcome!! It’s a nice video, isn’t it? We take recycling seriously here…..

    Daine – I’ve never experienced Thanksgiving, but it seems to lack the commercial mayhem that we get here every year.


  9. On America’s Thanksgiving Day, you’ve made me thankful I’m unemployed, and fit to stay that way.

    Maybe I should have an office party of my own…drink down a bottle or two and tell the old collie asleep under the desk what a w*nker he is.

  10. My husbands company has it right, they have their office Christmas party 90 minutes out of Dublin, and all sleep over. Funny thing, the one unimpressed….my youngest daughter! I am pleased I don’t have to have a smelly, snoring, pawing man in my bed! 🙂

  11. Gawd that’s disgusting, I’m just glad I haven’t yet had my breakfast! I don’t like them either. The big wigs sit together, the office folk sit together, the warehouse staff sit together. So much for mingling. I need a good excuse not to attend mine on the 21st of December not in the least because they’re going to a Lebanese restaurant with a belly dancer! Hate vine leaves, babaganoush and men who ogle!

  12. Grandad you are mad (In an admirable funny way off course). I fully intend to avoid all Christmas related parties this year, even family get togethers. I am sick of it.

  13. Cheers for the mention…’s been updated with not what to wear…..velour out, boobies in….and covered….

  14. Ian (sorry Grandad comandeering again)

    I do comment about 5:30 – 6:00 am, believe me, I’m in the land downunder! Struth!

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