I'm only mildly addicted. — 14 Comments

  1. Good grief! I just took that test and came in at 80% addicted!

    That’s unemployment for you.

    Back in a while. I just got to blog about it.

  2. No I didn’t cook the books. What do you think I am? A bloody politician?

    Poor Robert. I’m available for counselling….?

  3. I got 62%, but thought I might have (slightly) understated the number of blogs I read – I put 1-2, so went back and put 3-6 and the score fell to 57%!

  4. I came in at 47%, do I win a prize? I would prefer a red speed boat over a blankety blank cheque book and pen, please!

  5. That’s a lie. If you were that low, you wouldn’t even know how to find this blog!

  6. 62% that’s fair play in my book! (fortunately no questions about email or Skype play!)

  7. You’re being moderated because you are being tolerant of the imperialist warmongering American navy.

    Also because you used a different login from the one you usually use [no Blog?].

  8. Fark. I hate being a technopeasant. And young American sailors are hawt I’ll a have yi know and they all sound like JD. mmm. . .different login. . .jeyzus you know I karnt spel

  9. The quiz site is down but I must be really addicted cause I’ve tried to take the test at least fifty times in the last hour.

  10. No. You’re OK. To be truly addicted, you would have tried over a hundred times and then you would have cycled around to the website to take the test in person.

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