Wallpaper and time travel — 12 Comments

  1. i’ve been offered an amount of viagra (at only $1.50 each!) that would give Ron Jeremy himself a heart attack. of course i applied for the stimulants but they never arrived.

    there truly is no such thing as a free viagra.

  2. Oh yes there is. I’ve been ordering for years on the Net. All these nice people keep writing to me offering to send me Viagara and Cialis and telling me I have won billions on various lotteries [I’m going to apply for the latter when the pension fund runs low].

    So I have warehouses full of the stuff if you need them.

    I don’t


  3. I keep getting all these offers for pills that will make Mr. Happy grow bigger!!
    My question is…. How did they know???

  4. lol Monique

    @ Sean: so do i. And i’m quite happy without one.

    is this a comment on your sexual orientation lol

    LOL sorry if this offended anyone but it struck me as a good burn lol

    And Grand dad tell me if it went to far so i can guess the limits of your blog

  5. Do blogs have limits? As far as I know it doesn’t reach North Korea?

    My blog rules are:

    I can say anything I like, and if you are offended; tough. It’s my blog.

    You can say anything you like provided no one else is offended. Use your judgement. Otherwise you will be shot.

    Unsolicited e-mails may be deleted, unless prior notification is given [by e-mail].

    Spam is welcome, provided it’s funny.

  6. I just get a bit offended with the email I get offering me a penis enlargement. Hard to enlarge what isn’t there . . .what I really need is waist shrinkage!

  7. Sorry, Baino. I can do a certain amount about what appears on this site, but there is sweet f*ck all I can do about spam. Unless of course it gets so irritating I have to nuke the country involved.

    Likewise, I get stuff that offends me. Do I really want to see Jennifer Anniston having sex? Do I really want to see young virgins peeing? There are some very strange people out there.

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