Election promises — 7 Comments

  1. Don’t you mean the ex-government? sloppy, Grandad, but i’ll forgive you old timer. Doubtless the good weather and the end of FF/PDs are related and combine to give us a Feelgood factor that will help to Get the voters out. Perhaps the good weather is God’s way of reflecting the joy of a nation free from the arsehole tyranny of Martin Cullen.

  2. Wayhay!! I missed the news this morning. They are officially gone!

    And why pick on Cullen? They are all as bad as each other.

    I suppose I had better start printing my campaign posters now……

  3. Can you imagine the conversation at the Aras this morning?

    “Martin, where did I put the black shoes? I’m leaving in an hour”.

    “Ach, Mary, you’ve known for weeks. Now you’re looking for things at the last minute?”

    “Martin, would you get the door. Who can it be at ten to eight on a Sunday morning?”

    “Mary, it’s that wee man Ahern. He says he needs you to sign something for him”.

  4. it has been a gorgeous spring. we were a week in london, and it was sunny and the flowers were blooming. we were a week in paris, and it was sunny and the flowers were blooming. and now we are home again and it’s sunny and the flowers are in bloom.

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