The wind of change in politics — 20 Comments

  1. Our Sandy, as I said is a belcher – she rips them out like Barney in the Simpsons [very loud, hollow, vulgar and funny], but very rarely farts.

    I know a boxer who suffers very severely from flatulence. She lets them off on a regular basis and can clear a ballroom in five seconds flat. The stench is unmerciful.

  2. Political Editor of the Irish Times?
    Chairing Questions & Answers?

    No problem.

    She has great taste.

  3. your dog has more opinions on irish politics than most people under 25. i read today it broke bertie’s heart to see the french count their votes so quickly. broke mine to see they got 85% turnout. we’ll get about half. also put me on your bloglist good sir. i respect the elderly and think they should be allowed work as long as they like.

  4. What is this mad rush to get votes counted? Bertie is prepared to spend €60m+ just so we can be as fast as the French???????

    We never get a high turnout here because there is little of choice to vote for. Just the same old chancers.


    Thank you for respecting the elderly [*cough*], and of course my blogroll has been updated..


  5. I’d vote for Sandy… she’ll fit in well in Leinster house, they’re all barking anyway… *groan*

  6. Grandad,

    The thing I like most about dogs like Sandy and our Ziggy is that you can say any foolish thing you want to them and they will give you a look that says” My God, you’re right! I never would have thought of that”

  7. Now if Sandy would only come to the states, and do that every time Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are on the front of the paper, I’d be a happy camper. 🙂

    Grandad, if Sandy ever has pups, send one to me. 🙂

    A dog with political views. What could be better?

  8. Dogs are intelligent. This is the reason they are unable to speak, because they might turn our intelligence against us….. 😉

  9. So what party is Sandy affiliated with? Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Sinn Fein or is she with the_lay_about_the_house_waiting_to_be_
    a_while party?

  10. Sandy has ten times the intelligence of any politician. And she’s better looking!

    She belongs to the Lay_about_the_house_and_go_for_drives_and_play_
    a_game_of_tennis_every_now_and_again party.

  11. Well good for Sandy!! I’ll vote for her, twice. I wanted to start the
    in_the_late_afternoon party.
    My platform was ; Hey! Chill out! Have a beer and pass the Chips and Salsa.

  12. It wasn’t Sandy at all though was it. It was yourself. Why do the dogs always get blamed.

  13. Conortje – I never lay the blame on anyone else for my own efforts [effarts?]. Unless I’m in a crowded place, in which case I just glare at the person beside me and move away from them.

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