The old tricks are the best — 13 Comments

  1. You sly dog!

    My father and a few friends of his were in Portmarnock when they were younger, and wanted free drink. So they went to a yacht club, and got the best-dressed of them (now sadly deceased) to go up to the front door and say to the doormen:
    ‘Frightfully choppy out today, boys, what?’

    A river of drink soon followed.

  2. Another we used to do the odd time was to get dressed up and go to a hotel where there was a wedding on.

    Just mingle with the guests, and you’ll be bought plenty of the stuff. Each family assumes you belong to the other. Be careful what you say though!!

  3. Sadly, now that I’m a famous celebrity, that one won’t work any more.

    Of course, now that I am a celebrity, strangers are queuing up to buy me drinks anyway…

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