Some things you mightn't know about yourself — 10 Comments

  1. “floraâ€? is that not the stuff people put on their bread?

    I have a water feature all over my computer right now caused by the tears of laughter running down my face.

    Grandad you do my heart good! With you abou nobody would need blood pressure pills!

  2. Grandad,

    You think you have troubles? Yesterday in McDonald’s I heard 3 old guys talking. First Guy:”It’s tough getting old, I can’t pee anymore.”Second guy:” Well, I can’t poop anymore.” Third guy:”Every day at 8 A.M. I pee for 5 minutes. At 9 A.M. I have a wonderful poop. Said the other two:” Wait, at 8 you pee and at 9 you poop, what are you complaining about?’

    I don’t wake up till 10!!!!!!

  3. I’ll ignore the blatant pun at the end and point out that you forgot the biggest curse of the rectum – hemaroids(not sure if I spelt it right).

    A friend of mine got hemaroids at the age of 17, and it screwed up his Leaving Cert entirely – he walked out with 170, when he was capable of much more.

    I’d say that was a serious pain in the arse for him.

    (Did ya like that pun?)

  4. Haemorrhoids is a subject I know nothing about, thank God. I only wrote about the topics covered in the programme.

    I suggest you e-mail RTE and tell them in no uncertain terms that haemorrhoids are not something to be ignored and that you demand a full and frank discussion.

  5. I’ll do that. It would frankly make a better programme than The Big Bite with David McWilliams.

    Thank you also for the correct spelling of haemorrhoids. I was well off the mark.

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