The Minister and The Judge — 3 Comments

  1. I would have actually read this post only frankly, the Indo has covered the tribunals ad nauseum.

    These drains on society have been going on as far back as I can remember – about 12 years – and all they’ve done is put Liam Lawlor in jail for a week, prior to his mysterious non-tribunal relted death in Moscow.

    Maybe Ben Dunne was having his revenge …

  2. Tribunals bore the *rse off me too. I just don’t understand the logic of the argument though.
    And i love the way the public bitches about the cost of them, but then as soon as they feel there is an injustice, the first thing they scream for is a tribunal!

  3. Ah yes, sometimes the Irish public don’t know what’s good for them …

    Like how they snubbed us. Read the first post on my page and leave your opinions.

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