For the Faint Hearted
Social media and the rise of nastiness
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The Last Furlong
Phew! I can breathe again – happy day!
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Bolton Smokers Club
The ‘Father of Statistics’, Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher, Must be Turning in His Grave
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An Anxiety Update
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The great Scottish lie…
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Michele Neylon :: Pensieri
Floor to Ceiling Bookcase Shelving Finally Installed
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Let's Express
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Going Like Sixty
“Going In Style” looks outrageous. Can’t wait to see it! #ad
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Questions I Have Asked Myself Recently?
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Keeping up to date
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Friday the 13th
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Ashes to Ashes!
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The Halcyon Days
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Forest Ireland
Don’t ignite your e-cigs.
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K8 the GR8
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Captain Ranty
I'm Outta Here    Rest in peace, Cap'n