I have had my fun

/root>pwd Administrator /root>print { He’s due back today. He mightn’t me too pleased at what I’ve done. Time to cover my tracks….. } /root>cd .. /root> Permission denied /root> print { Bugger! } /root>delete all posts /root> Permission denied /root> … Continue reading


/root>pwd Administrator /root>telnet root.bankofireland.ie BOI: Please enter username /root>Root BOI: Please enter password /root>maximum_profit BOI: Login successful /root>for each $account where $account_name contains ‘ahern’ or $account_name contains ‘harney’ /root>do { /root>move all $amount to account = ‘Grandad’ /root>} /root>run BOI: … Continue reading


/root>pwd Administrator /root>telnet root.norad.mil Norad: Please enter username /root>George_W_Bush Norad: Please enter password /root>paris_hilton Norad: Login successful Norad: Welcome Mr President. Norad: Please enter command /root>retarget Group RED ICMBs to White House Norad: Retargeting successful /root>retarget Group AMBER ICMBs to … Continue reading