I have a few things planned for today, so will be quite busy.

One thing I will not be doing though is listening to the budget speeches.  Apart from the fact that I know what's in the speech, I just cannot tolerate the sound of our Minister for Finance, Michael "The Undertaker" Noonan.  He has the remarkable ability, that no matter whether the news is bad or good, he delivers it in a funerial monotonous dirge that sounds like he is going to break down in tears at any moment. 

So while I am away not listening to The Undertaker, I would urge you to nip over here and read the whole thing.

When I read it, I'm not quite sure what my reaction was.  Shocked?  Stunned?  No, not really.  I have learned to accept that this is perfectly normal in a world that has lost touch with normality.  It just shows how evil and corrupt the world of Public Health has become.

I really do dispair for the future which the Grandkids will inherit.


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Bodies and undertakers — 4 Comments

  1. Unlike you I can't get my head around the truly incredulous way these people act and think. It deeply disgusts me. I hope your grandkids will inherit a world in which these people have been driven back to the hellhole they've crawled out of and have been replaced with human beings who are able to think straight and feel compassion.

    • There is only one word that describes these peope, and that is Evil.  They lack any sense of morality, care or compassion.  They are single-minded in persuit of their prescious dogma to the exclusion of all else. 

      I sincerely hope they will soon be gone and become just a bad paragraph in the history books.

  2. World Harm Organisation and their Codex Alimentarius is another pain in the arse.  They're the ones responsible for supermarkets no longer being able to sell us basic vitamins and other supplements.  And they want us all to be in optimum health? yeah! right!  If that were true they'd stop interfering and stop appointing numpty home economists who know feck all about diddly squat as their spokesman.  In my day "home economists" where Domestic Science (Cookery) teachers.

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