The odd time I like to watch a good film.

The great problem though is that great films are very few and far between.

In a moment of madness, I signed up for the film package on Sky some years ago.  They used to bring out some reasonably mediocre stuff and new films were added to the package every Friday.  Now they add just one film a day and I can safely say that as quantity went up so quality went down.  Or maybe they are just producing crap films these days?

Is it my imagination, or are they stuck in a groove at the moment in the film industry?  Every fucking film that appears is either some kind of slasher/horror/zombie/aliens type, or even worse, coming-of-age/teen comedy? 

Take for example today's offering on Sky – The 5th Wave.  Apparently it's about "a regular teenager forced into survival mode when alien attacks decimate the planet".  Another teen one combined with aliens.  Yet another I won't be watching and it's a fair bet Herself will turn her nose up, and she's the film fanatic.

In fairness they do come up with a rare one such as "Bridge of Spies" or The Martian" but they are very few and far between.

Lately I have started a two-pronged attack on Sky Movies Cinema in the hopes that I can persuade Herself to drop the subscription.  My first tactic is obviously to point out how fucking crap all their films are.  She actually agrees with me on this one now.  The second is to find films from "alternative" sources and put them on instead.  This is working out better than I expected as I have found some really good ones, and then a month or so later the same film is "priemered" on Sky and I can point out that we have seen that already and how useless Sky are.

My big problem now is finding really good films in my "alternative" sources.  I tried looking at Netflix offerings but they only list them to members which is a real fucking nerve and a deliberate attempt to hook me into paying without seeing what I am paying for.  I wouldn't pay anyway as doubtless they're much the same as Sky and I'm paying far too much to them.

Now I'm reduced to scrolling through vast lists on the IMDB site.  In fact it was that scrolling that convinced me that the standard of film has dropped so far.  Maybe one in a hundred is worth watching.

Surely there must be a nice repository somewhere of decent films?  A decent film is preferably a drama that doesn't involve "unleashing horrifying forces", zombies, murder for the sake of murder, horror, or fantasy.  Comedy is fine provided it isn't American.  British and Australian comedies are the best [see The Castle, The Dish or a real cracker – Saving Grace].  I don't know what it is about Americans but they really are hard pushed to make a decent comedy.

Now I have to find time to search around some something for Herself to watch tonight. 

Maybe I'll just revert to the Ealing Comedies…..


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Finding a drop in the ocean — 30 Comments

  1. Put 'The Titfield Thunderbolt' on. Still the best comedy film ever made IMHO. Shows a time that is long since past and gone, with the absurdities of 'British' humour. The best Ealing comedy ever made … or am I simply weird (don't answer that) ? 😉

    • A brilliant film!  I have seen it more than once and would watch again.  Unfortunately my "alternative" sources tend not to favour the older films.  Modern yoof don't know what they're missing!

      • Try here, GD:

        If you d/l as a Magnet link (which I usually do), you'll have to right-click on the 'Magnet Link' button and 'open in a new tab', which should open your client window and drop the torrent in there. If you left-click on it, it will take you to a Netflix sign-up page and won't open your client. Not sure about the other options, as I didn't try them.

        I tried the first listing of the movie (3.28 GB), and it's coming to me at only about 300 – 400 MBS, but there's only one seed online at the mo. Hopefully it won't play Netflix sillybuggers with me when it's downloaded. I haven't used 1337X in years, so I don't know what their MO is now. I normally use Demonoid, but they've just moved to another domain, and the site isn't really up and running yet.

        I'm assuming you have a torrent client installed.


        • Watched The Titfield Thunderbolt last night.  Every bit as good as I remembered.

          Isohunt and Rarbg are the two I never ever visit as I am much too honest.  There are a few other's I wouldn't visit if the first two didn't cough up such as Kickass or Lime Torrent.  And if I were heinous enough to use such facilities I suppose I would chose Vuze and qBittorrent depending on which laptop I was using at the time.  But there again, I don't know anything about these things.

      • In his younger days, my father shared digs with Alistair Sim. They were great friends, and kept in touch for years. I remember we had a signed photo of him on the sideboard. Dunno what happened to that – I'll have to ask my siblings.

  2. Free trial on Netflix, not much worth it some good TV series , films mediocre not that many but adding more. Just as you say weird stuff an awful lot of boy-boy and girl-girl romance moves its a struggle to find something to watch.

    • Aren't they one of those sites that take your credit card details [ + "You can cancel at anytime"] before your trial starts?  I never ever give my card details unless I am actually buying something.  I just don't trust 'em.

    • I can never hear Boccherini's Minuet without chuckling at the memories of that film.  And the thunk of bodies falling into the coal wagons!

  3. Grandad,

    Load your favourite VPN and go to Lot and lots of films there including some Golden Oldies.

    • Didn't work for me. All I got was:

      Under konstruktion

      Det här domännamnet är registrerat och upplagt hos Binero AB.

      Inom kort kommer ägaren till domännamnet att lägga upp en webbsida här, vi hälsar dig välkommen åter. Om du är ägaren till detta domännamn, vänligen ladda upp din hemsida till mappen (ersätt med namnet på ditt domänamn) för att komma igång.


      • I tried PopcornTime some time ago and removed it again.  Can't remember why I did that.  I think one problem was that it had to be watched on its own programme?  I like to download the file to play off my system, as Herself, myself and the dog all crowded together to start at a laptop screen gets a little uncomfortable.

        • I've dowloaded five films from Popcorn Time and kept them on my second HDD to watch again, The Cruel Sea is one of them!

  4. Firefox with Adblock Plus, then head over to and browse around. If you're up for a TV series check out 'The Night Of'.

    Happy viewing 🙂

  5. I get movies and TV shows on DVD for free by getting in the car and driving for 30 minutes to the council library. I get some pretty good stuff there like Mr Bean, Fawlty Towers, Minder. They've got all the Monty Python movies. And members are allowed to make suggestions when they have their anual buy in of new stock.

  6. Grandad,
    A couple of posts that will drive you nuts during your future viewing;

    And let’s not forget the scenes where the good guy finally knocks the bad guy down and rather than finish the job, turns his back on said bad guy to talk to girlfriend thus allowing bad guy valuable time to recover and resume being a bad guy.

    ‘Happy’ viewing.

    • Hah!  Inspiration for a post in the near future?  Due creditation of course.  After all, we have to have something to watch out for during all those incredibly boring "romance" films that the wimmin seem to love so much?

  7. The Marx Brothers are always good for a laugh, even if Groucho gets a bit intellectual at times, so when I want belly laughs I download The Three Stooges.

  8. Get yourself an Amazon Fire box and install Kodi on it Grandad, then stick Castaway, Exodus and Stream All The Sources. Then you can watch pretty much any film you want and it won’t cost you any monthly fee at all, just the cost of the box (around £60 for the 4k one. 😉

  9. Here ya go Grandad, a few places to get all the films etc you should ever need for free.
    Obviously I don’t need to warn you about having things set to avoid pop up windows/adds etc.
    Don`t need a torrent downloader either, just browse to what you want to watch, give it a minute or two to preload then click and watch.

  10. last week came across an old movie called Hopsons choise on some odd channel well worth a watch. I always liked arsnic and old lace from that era.

  11. Dear grandad, i usually use these two sites on my xbox. these will work just fine with pc or tvs as well. just don’t sign up anywhere. and install ad block on your browser if you can (these two sites doesn’t really have any ads at the moment, but just to be on the safe side). What’s awesome is, it gives you cool recommendations on movies and shows you should watch, and it’s pretty darn good at it. try it out yourself, (for movies) (for tv shows)

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