There is quite an interesting little situation developing here in Ireland.

Our Glorious Boys in Blue are threatening to strike.

However there is a peculiar little connundrum here, in that the Gardai by law are forbidden to strike.  So if they do rebel, they shall be forced to arrest themselves whereupon they simultaneously become guardians of the law, criminals and blacklegs all at the same time.  And they'll all have to resign as you can't be a Garda if you're a criminal.

In the past, whenever they were in dispute over something they didn't strike – they all miraculously all came down with the flu all on the same day.  But they've had enough of that and say they want parity with every other worker with a right to strike.  Oh, and they also want some extra pay too, but I'm sure that's incidental.

I hold the law in the deepest contempt.  Some laws are a right as otherwise no one would be safe, but when you have lawbooks stacked to the ceiling packed with rules, regulations and laws covering just about every aspect in life and where most seem to be deigned to protect big business, big money and those in power then it's a bit much.  And then they started installing laws telling us how we should live our lives and that was a step way too far.  I have lost all respect for any laws at this stage as it has become too difficult to weed the good laws out of all the bad.  

Instead of there being one bad apple in the barrel, it has reached the stage where there is only one or two good apples in a barrel full of rotten ones.  And when you try to pick a good apple out of a barrel full of rotten ones it's messy, so you tend to stop eating apples?

So where do we go from here?

Well, they have kindly given us advanced notice of when they plan to strike.  It will be a series of one day strikes, and I have marked them carefully on the calendar.  I haven't yet decided what to do on those days, and I honestly have to give it some thought.

Do I spend the day robbing banks, and then driving like the clappers from pub to pub, drinking my ill gotten gains until I happily pass out behind the wheel at 100 mph on the M11?  Or do I just burn down the Dáil?  Maybe I should make out a hit list and see how many people I can exterminate in a day?  I can see I have some thinking to do.

I'm just hoping now they don't call off their strikes.

That would be boring.

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Planned anarchy — 4 Comments

  1. The law is a cunt and always has been. Designed to protect those with money and land. A simple ruse for rich folk to gain money from us simple folk by unpronounceable  jargon. Anyway, if the law was any good it should have pounced on me when I was  a tearaway in my 20s. No, I got away with mayhem then. So perhaps, I' m paying the 'tax penalty', now?

    • I have gotten away with a few things in the past all right [and the present is no exception!].

      Whenever I hear someone tell me I have to do something because "It's the LAW", they get a resounding "fuck off" in return.  It may be their law but it isn't mine.

    • Sure I do that anyway.  It's a small pub with select clientele.  Outsiders get turfed out.  And before you ask which pub, I ain't sayin'!

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