I mentioned I was thinking about switching broadband?

I took the plunge on Friday.

A couple of days before, I went into their site to check availability and as usual it said I would have it within a year.  No problem – I opened up one of their little chatty boxes.

A bloke came on and told me I would have it within the year.  I told him the previous bloke had said six months. OK, then six months, he replied.  *sigh*

I told him I wanted to change over from phone, to phone and broadband with the package that allowed unlimited calls to other phones.  I asked him to confirm that would cost €50 a month.  Ahhhhhh noooooo, he replied, that's €70 a month and you still have to pay for the calls.  I told him that on the website it says €50 a month and calls a free.  He got ratty, but not quite up to the level of rattiness I was feeling.  I sent him a link to his own website.  He thought about this for a while and gave me a number to phone.

As it happened I had to go out, so I put off the phone call.  On the way out, I had some difficulty driving as the road was partially blocked by a load of vans while their occupants were frantically working on the broadband cabinet at my hedge.  I didn't have time to stop and chat though.

When I came back, they were all gone.  I checked the map to see if they had updated it but it still said "within a year".

I phoned the number on Friday, having set up a large picnic basket to sustain me through long and tedious calls.  I got straight through without any menus or even a drop of music.

I explained the situation.  He couldn't have been more helpful [which had me reaching for the whiskey bottle as it made me feel faint].  He talked me through the entire process of ordering on line while retaining my existing account and number.  Wonders will never fucking cease.  He even told me that when fiber finally arrives I will be upgraded from 12 to 100 Mb without any cost or hassle.

They are supposed to come next Friday afternoon to connect me up.  If it works, then all the shit on my roof can go and that will save a load of sheckles. 

Today I checked their map again.

It no longer says "Fibre Broadband Cabinet is planned for this location".

It now says "Fibre Build commenced – completion work is in progress".

Wonders will never cease?



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Baby steps — 10 Comments

  1. Funny, how all telephone / broadband companies are "functioning" the same way, independent of country of origin.

    I guess they're in fact all the same bunch of people sitting in the same place and enjoying the same "education" on how to thwart customers. 😉

    • I am beginning to think that my Friday appointment may be a little optimistic.  The bloke I spoke to on the phone was so damned helpful that I realise I must have reached a wrong number.  Now I have to wait to see exactly what will be delivered.  Flowers? Pizza?  Curry?

      • Probably some Russian bride will show up on your doorstep? They're all "managers" you know.

        Hope your speedy internet arrives without a hitch. Of course you'll still be shackled to the often throttled speed of whatever server you're trying to drag shit information of off.

        I myself am still overpaying Comcast for Internet only service (an honest 30 MB down/ 6MB up) but the wonderful barstards will lower the price by $10 if I buy their "Internet Pro" package (75 MB down/?up) which includes a basic TV/streaming promo package (which I don't want). Comcast is the only game in town ofcourse.

        • My lot are pushing their service like mad at the moment promising a shed load of FREE sports channels.  They can fuck off with that.  Why is there a general assumption that we are all sports crazy?

  2. Blimey,GD, 100 Mb? You'll be able to download torrents in a flash stream legal channels easily. Even with my paltry 24 Mb (in reality 12 Mb) I get pretty good streaming. You won't know you're born, mate.

    I'll be moving down to Patras soon, and they're wittering on about installing fibre there, but I'm not holding my breath. They'll probably carry me off in a box before we get fibre.

    • They have tested my line and claim I can get 12Mb.  Whether that stands up to reality is another matter.  Because I am so close to the new cabinet they also claim I'll be up to 100Mb when that's ready.  Potentially, if I run a fibre to the box [I have a very hairy fibrous ball of string somewhere] I can get up to 1Gb.  All of this is only marginally relevant as I doubt any of my network stuff could handle such speeds.

  3. We may have to consider going back to belles lettres i.e. pen-and-paper handwritten documents, often posted to friends or enemies and the newspapers. Graffiti paint sprayed on derelict buildings are an alternative means of communication, sometimes illustrated with cartoons of varying artistic merit.

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