I mentioned before that there is an "Irish Bloggers" thing on Farcebook.

At the time I said that I joined more out of curiosity than anything else.  My fears then have been confirmed ten-fold – Every new announcement is along the lines of "Hello Girls! I have just started a new blog on lifestyle and beauty/fashion/food/health" [delete where applicable].  Basically it appears to be a seething mass of female hormones all writing about the same thing.

A new one popped up the other day from a site I hadn't heard of.


At last! thinks I, someone who isn't writing about all that lifestyle, fashion, food, health, make-up shite.  Maybe there's hope yet.  Naturally I followed the link and found the site – Portagregor.

Make what you wish of it [and grammar/punctuation nazis can shut the fuck up] but here is a site which isn't Pink and Fluffy which in my book puts it head and shoulders above the rest of them. It is one of an elite few that has a drop of humour and isn't full of oestrogen and fripperies.

As an aside – they recently touted for entries for the Irish Blog Awards [or whatever they call themselves these days] and I deliberately didn't mention it because I didn't want some smartarse entering my efforts.  Those awards are just not the place for someone of my sensitivities and it's time to leave them to the Pink and Fluffy Brigade.

Anyhows, apparently the comments on Farcebook came in thick and fast under the above entry!

"Wait, what?!?"

Wait, what what?  Don't know what the fuck that means.

A bit confused with your post here Mark. Can you please explain a bit more? This group normally tends to stay away from misogyny and it would be sound to keep it this way.

Explain what?  It's a fucking blog post.  Read it or don't read it.  Your choice.  And who says the group should stay away from misogyny?  This sounds like a rule that's invented on the spur just to make an argument.

Your comments are offensive to all women. How would you like a guy to say this about your sister/daugher or other female relation?

Aw for fuck's sake!  He's writing about one woman, not all women.  Jayzus but the Snowflakes are out in force.

Hey Mark, if there is a decent story to be told why the sexist angle? That's what I can't understand. If you've something worthwhile to write about why not let it speak for itself? Personally the sheer misogynistic tone of the post means that I wouldn't click on the article. I understand the allure of click bait but keeping it respectful to women would hardly take away from your post. Maybe something for you to consider? In general, in this group you will find a great majority of women so know your audience and all that

In general, in this group you will find a great majority of women so know your audience and all that?  Hah!  Great majority is an understatement.  And who says he is writing exclusively for them?  Like myself, he is just writing on a topic that has crossed his mind and I very much doubt he even considered the demographics of his audience.  If he did, then he's doing the wrong thing.  Instead of letting the writing flow, he would be self-censoring and writing an anti-septic version which would defeat the whole purpose.

So Mark – you have been told.  You entered a room full of touchy women and the professionally offended and have raised a few hackles.  Now I have nothing against women, just as I have nothing against men but when these pseudo-feminists gang up and start throwing daft accusations of misogyny about that gets my hackles up.  These women have chosen to be offended so I choose to have no sympathy with them.

If they can make up rules about misogyny then so can I.  If you don't like what you read then stop fucking reading it.  Just fuck off somewhere else and read something that conforms to your delicate sensibilities.

And in answer to the question above…..

Yes I would.


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Melting the Snowflakes — 13 Comments

  1. Not a clue what a Snowflake is now.  Up until last winter I thought it was a flake of snow.  Snowflake according Urban Dictionary "A very unique white girl that no one else can duplicate because she is one of a kind."  I'm not even going to attempt to say anything on that because I can see the pitfalls ahead. Pitfall as in a hole that one might fall into, just in case somebody changed the fecking meaning of that too!  Anyway, I thought Saddam had a moustache?

    • It's a relatively new word in the lexicon – a person [usually a mamber of the Twitter/Selfie Generation] who is so fucking delicate and easily offended that anything will set them off.  A word, an image or even an implied thought is enough to have them writhing in agony and demanding world-wide retribution against the offender.  I believe some Mercan universities are even setting up "safe spaces" where they can go to calm down and escape the nasty real world.  Same universities won't allow a raised hand at a meeting as it is "an implied threat".  I kid you not.  This is the future of mankind I'm talking about here.

      • Ah, sounds about right for country of origin. PC fascists.  These classes where they aren't allowed to raise their hand must have puddles all over the floor and smell of wee-wee. 

      • It's not just in the US – they're doing the same shit in universities in the UK too. University used to be about challenging students. Now they buy wholesale quantities of cotton wool to wrap the delicate little flowers in.

  2. Twenty pints of Guinness and I wouldn't be able to raise an eyelid.

    Snowflakes might be described as privileged youngsters, so effectively shielded since birth from the more unpleasant realities of life that their moral perspectives and priorities are disconnected from those less privileged and more worldly (99.99% of the world's population).

    Or, as such rare creatures were once known, wankers. 

  3. Its reported today that the Royal Navy cant get recruits for their submarine fleet because the little darlings wont have access to Facebook. Have you noticed while driving drivers cant wait at traffic lights for 1 minute without checking their iPhone Facebook account.   

    • I can see Homo Sapiens developing an elephant-like trunk so they will be able to permanently stare at their mobile, keeping both hands free.

    • Ooh, Bucko, how exciting! I just love shopping for shoes! And bow-ties and cummerbunds. You guys must let me know the site addresses so I can bookmark them! I'll list them under my 'most orgasmically exciting' bookmarks heading.

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