They say you wait for a bus for ages and then two come along at once.

I mentioned Trolls in passing yesterday so I thought I would mention them again today.

You see, I have my own little personal troll called Dickie Doubleday.  Unfortunately for everyone you will rarely see his comments on this site because he is finding it more and more difficult to reach the site in the first place.  Since I started counting a while back, he has made over 140 attempts to even reach the site as normally he just gets a bland page saying nothing in particular.  To make matters worse, every time he does manage to see the site, so the defences are strengthened and it will therefor be even more difficult the next time.

It really is a pity you can't see his comments because some of them are positively Shakespearean in their content.

"Your blog is getting more stupid by the day "

"What a complete wanker you are grandad, deleting harmless opinion"

"Oh do fuck off Grandad"


"Dance for me Grandad….lol"

As you can see, you're missing out on some real literary gems here.

Now normally it's simple enough to block someone because it's a case of blocking their IP.  But Tricky Dickie has been to infant school and has learned a couple of little tricks.  One of those is that he uses what's known as anonymous proxies which makes it a little harder to block him, but not much.

Unfortunately he picked up another little trick at infant school and this is the one that I find just a tad irritating.

You see, he gets past moderation by posing as one of my genuine readers. 

If he were man enough to just post as Dickie Doubleday I would probably remove any restrictions and let him rant away, but when he poses as an adult and starts posting abusive comments using someone else's name, he crosses the line.

Now Dickie may have been to infant school but I have been to grown up school so not only do I know how he does it, but I can build defences against that little trick as well.

Now every time he tries to comment it is going to get increasingly harder to get at the site in the first place and harder still to get past moderation.

Unfortunately there is some collateral damage [as the Mercans like to say].  Some of you who have had your accounts compromised may suddenly find yourselves stuck back in moderation again.  And if others of you see a comment that you definitely didn't write then let me know, though the chances of that are becoming ever more remote.

Sorry about that, folks.

You can blame a sad lonely character sitting in his bedroom over in Norwich masturbating to the theme tune from SpongeBob.

Maybe some day he'll grow up?


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Trickie Dickie Doubleday — 26 Comments

    • That programme must rate in the top five of my all time hated programmes.  Maybe I had the Grandkids to stay too often?

  1. He's been doing this for years. He's spoofing me lately. I've added a troll gravatar to the compromised email address, so it makes him easy to spot. If he had a brain cell, he might be dangerous.

    • Damn!  It's unlikely I'll ever see that gravatar now.  He certainly used that email in the past, and for some very obscure reason he used that email posing as Dick Puddlecote.  In fact I think he's losing the plot a bit because he has started using anagrams of emails, along with random usernames mixed with random emails.  He really does have the IQ of an amoeba [sorry, amoebas everywhere!]

  2. He’s a cock. He pestered Captain Ranty until he had to change his blogspot to some kind of Doubleday-proof format, and often poses as other respected bloggers to continue his pitiful yet highly successful calling, which is to ably demonstrate his high levels of wankshaftery and fuckwittism.

  3. What gets me is that he doesn't give a toss if we tell everyone who he is – which is :

    Richard Doubleday lives at Acrefield, Church Road Upton Norwich NR13 6AJ with a wife called Barbara. Poor cow! He’s been involved in a couple of failed businesses and presumably this inadequacy has driven him round the twist?

    Rickie was born in 1966.  He has two brothers Thomas Verder Doubleday (1968) and George Henry Doubleday (1969)

    His mother’s name is Margaret E. McLure. His father is Andrew G.V. Doubleday. They married in Braintree in 1965. Given the proximity of the birth and marriage dates, he likely really is a bastard literally as well as figuratively?

    One day, he's going to piss off a really really nasty bad ass who is going to go and sort him out big time. I'm not suggesting this you understand! That would be illegal. However, perhaps we could get him to have a go on Spivey's site?

    • I recall reading a post about someone who knows him from their local and he's supposedly a robustly-built ruffian as well as being an ignorant lout, and attempting to sort him out would initiate a festival of light and sound unless you hit first and hard. This would be, regrettably in his case, an offence under the law. Ah well, all you would get would be grazed knuckles and afterwards he'd still be a prick so it would be a waste of time anyway. At least his trademark idiotic vapourings can be readily identified then ignored or ridiculed.   

    • I tend to ignore more than abuse.  I have better things to do with my time.

      The count is up now to 166.  That's the number of times he has had to reload his proxy faker just to try to get in.  He hasn't actually managed to get a comment through in ages.

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