Last October England brought in a law banning smoking in cars where cheeeldren were present.

The Irish Antis weren't too happy at being pipped at the post [they love being “first in the world”] as the same law didn't come into force here until January this year.

However the laws have been in force for the last nine or six months depending on your country of choice.

It hasn't quite worked out they way they hoped but it has worked exactly as predicted – the police are ignoring it.  Of course those who live in the hermetically sealed bubble-wrapped world of the Tobacco Control Industry have this idea that we all think like them.  Forget crime.  Forget Brexit.  Forget disease.  The most important thing in the world is protecting the cheeeldren from the evil machinations of Big Tobacco, and it is the only thing we should ever concentrate on to the exclusions of everything else.  Remember Margaret Chan of the WHO fucking off to Moscow to talk about Tobacco Control in the middle of an Ebola epidemic?

The police in both countries have better things to do.  They are there to enforce laws that protect people and property from actual danger and not some half baked notion that cars are mobile gas chambers.  In England and Wales they have so far issued a massive seven warnings and no fines whatsoever.  Quite right too – it's not the job of police to do the work of Health Fascists.

There seems to have been no word lately on "plain packs"?  This is another measure Tobacco Control considers to be a "groundbreaking measure" to eliminate smoking, yet it will have precisely the same effect as the car laws – zero.  Each move they make seems to be the "final nail in the coffin of Big Tobacco", yet each move now is completely ignored.

It really is time they fucked off out of town.

And the horse they rode in on.

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We told you so — 10 Comments

  1. I think all smoking should be banned. I believe Windows is a great operating system. I think we all should ride unicorns to work in the morning. I believe Hillary Clinton is honest. I think that Google and Farcebook collecting our information is benign. I believe the EU is a good idea.

  2. The horsey might quietly leave town and go hang himself. The ANTZ won't – they've found themselves a second group to hassle: vapers. Happy days!

  3. I’m not surprised at the lack of enforcement. They don’t want to cause an outcry. They want to get the law in place, then they wait until all the fuss dies down and all the opposition has gone to sleep, then they will gradually start to enforce it.

    • It has been nine months now so most people have forgotten about it [quite rightly].  I can't see the police ever going overboard to enforce that law simply because it is well nigh impossible to enforce.  The only time they could use it is if a driver is pulled over for some other reason and they decide to throw the book. 

    • Heh!  Thanks for the tip – I read all his musings.  We have been known to [coincidentally] write on the same topic on the same day so to say we are like-minded is putting it mildly.

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