As one or two of you may have noticed, I am very ill.

Well, not so much me as this poor site.

It is teetering on a knife-edge and is liable to collapse at any moment.  The fire is confined to the engine room at the moment, but earlier it managed to break through to the upper floors, causing the whole site to collapse into a random selection of links and text.  Fortunately no lives were lost.

I managed to quench that fire and the site looks like it used to do [not that I’m sure that’s a good thing?], but the inferno still rages Down Below.

The damage is considerable, and the only solution may be to move in the bulldozers and raze the lot to the ground, and to build a new and more solid site.  This isn't as easy as it sounds as the architectural drawings were mostly done on the backs of cigarette packages and they are now outlawed, so the whole thing will have to be done from memory.

The hardest bit is that the site is in constant use so if I do decide on a new building, I'll have to do it from scratch, paint it and decorate it so nobody notices the differences and then move all the occupants over in a matter of nanoseconds so that hopefully they'll think they are still in the old place.


The paint store has just exploded.

Gotta rush………!!

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Towering Inferno — 9 Comments

  1. You can't fool us, you're doing up the auld place so that you can be the first to claim links to president Trump's Irish ancestral home. 🙂

  2. You can't fool us.  Donald Trump told you how he would fix your site now you're taking his suggestions to heart.


  3. Started in the engine room did it? Should of shut down the warp core first, evacuated the engine room and then engage the fire control system once everybody was out.

    • Ah!  Now if you read next Wednesday's post before reading this you'd know the answer.  The damn thing started a fire in a back room and then changed the combination lock so I couldn't get in to quench the blaze.  Or to put it very simply [in words of one syllable] the plugin created a folder and plonked a .htaccess file in there which had an error in it, but it had CHOWN'd me out of the folder so I couldn't overwrite/edit/delete the damn thing.  It caused the entire CSS to fail [and they weren't kidding when they called it Cascading!].  I suppose it could happen to a bishop?

  4. Hmmm, I left a comment here a couple of hours ago, it posted okay but now it's gone missing. It seems like this happened before?

    Edit: Okay so this comment posted and my previous comment appeared along with your reply. This also seems like it happened before?

    • There was just one case of a comment being duplicated as the first didn't appear immediately.  The possible cause is a caching plugin I installed, which still requires a little tweaking.  I discovered last night that it was the same plugin that slowed the Admin area to a complete standstill.  I have disabled certain elements in it which seems to have fixed the Admin problem and the frontend seems to be running nice and smoothly.  I would assume that commenting would involve more backend processing than frontend so hopefully the problem will resolve now?

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