I wasn't going to write about e-cigarettes again today.  Repetition can be tedious.

However, Herself had been listening to the radio yesterday and informed me that I had missed my dear friend Luke Clancy in a programme about the Horizon thingy.  I had to listen for myself and managed to find an archive.  So if you are tired of the subject, blame her.

For those of you who don't know my bosom pal Luke, he's a dried up arsehole of the Irish Tobacco Control scene.  He runs his own little empire grandly called the "Tobacco Free Research Institute Ireland" which essentially is the Provisional Wing of the Anti Smoker movement here.

The interview is a classic example of the rarified atmosphere in which Tobacco Control lives.  Research is dubious if it gives the wrong results.  One month trials aren't long enough, despite being the period used in TC trials.  Logic is a sort of Alice in Wonderland phenomenon where nothing is quite what it seems.  They live by their own logic where up is down and black is the same as white.

There is the impeccable logic that the tobacco companies didn't invest in NRT patches because that might have stopped people from smoking, but they are investing in e-cigarettes, which proves conclusively that e-cigarettes don't stop people from smoking.  Blindingly obvious logic?

There is the obvious fact that anything the tobacco industry is involved in ends in disaster, ergo e-cigarettes are a disaster.  How did we miss this fact?

He mentions the survey that reported that 0.02% of vapers were never-smokers, but that is all wrong because our Luke's survey showed something different.  Everyone is marching out of step except our Luke?

We learn that Nicotine is highly addictive yet it isn't if you don't like cigarettes.  Conditional addiction?  How come no one ever discovered this before?

Then there is the great Laugh Out Loud [and Roll on the floor laughing] moment – "It doesn't matter that it's not smoke.  You see this vapour in the distance – plumes of it – in places where we have forbidden smoking and the children will see it".  So you see – all that denormalisation is for nothing!

The crack up moment for me though was the logic – "most people who use e-cigarettes use cigarettes as well. Now how many of those would have stopped smoking altogether if they didn't have this device as well?"  [Aaaargh!! The little shits are cutting down on cigarettes but they're not doing it our way?]

There is the glorious moment where he discounts an expert's opinion because that expert is engaged only in smoking cessation.  [*steps back through Alice’s mirror a few times…. did he really say that?  Yes he did!  Scratches head.*]

The bottom line though seems to be that e-cigarettes may well be harmless but the Americans are against them and the Australians won't even let them in, therefore they must be bad.

I urge you have a listen.  It's only ten minutes but I guarantee you'll have a laugh. 

I also guarantee a few what-the-fuck moments.

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Introducing the Tobacco Control Comedy Show — 18 Comments

  1. The presenter did well to stifle his obvious mirth, if the punchlines hadn't been so fumbled or left hanging I suspect he may have failed.


    • When I listened to the programme last night Herself was watching television, so I used headphones.  I got a few dirty looks as I kept laughing.

      What worries me is that this idiot who is so obviously blinded by his own paranoid obsessions actually has the ear of those in power.  The bloke is a fucking moron.

  2. This is the truly scary potential of these "Tobacco Control" zealots. They've spent decades spreading a message which a new electronic technology has rendered moot, almost overnight. 

    Now they spend their time and efforts denying relevant science, while propping up clearly defective science on the TC end. 

    The drastic decline of teen tobacco use over the last 3-4 years is clear. However, for any honest, objective adult to deny that is a direct result of the advent of e-cigarette technology is scientifically dishonest. In facf, it seems to prove the denier has an alternate agenda.

    • Welcome Jeff!  Their problem is that they have been lying and falsifying evidence for so long now that they can't actually face up to real facts.  They live in a world of illusion [and self gratification] that they are at a loss, and are floundering around in a sea of desperation.

      As for the alternative agenda – see John Mallon's comment below!

  3. What you may not know about the bold Luke is that he has a few lucrative side-line streams of income. For example, he was/is on a retainer by the Government to advise them on tobacco control. At the same time while lecturing at a tobacco control conference in Europe, the conference notes listed his "conflict of interest" as being under contract to Pfizer as their advisor on smoking cessation products. He has two surgeries on the go in Dublin while also running the Tobacco Institute on grant money from Government and rent-free accommodation at Guinnesses Business Park. He is a regular on the tobacco scam speaking circuits earning big fees for his lies too. This guy is loaded.


    • None of that surprises me.  How do these cunts get away with it?  He is nothing short of a professional heckler and finger wagger.

  4. As for "quitting smoking altogether", I HAVE done that… BY VAPING!  A year and 10 months now.  But if I HADN'T started vaping, I would NEVER have stopped smoking — period.  I wanted to be a non-smoker, but not if I had to walk on hot coals to get there — vaping removed 99.99% of those hot coals.

    • Welcome Andria!  So what you are saying is completely contrary to Clancy's theory [that you would have quitted if there had been no e-cigarettes] therefore you don't exist.  Life in his little bubble is that simple.

      • Before vaping, if anyone asked me when I was going to quit smoking, my answer was one word: NEVER.  I had instructed my husband & son that just before I was rolled into the incinerator, they were to place a cigarette between my lips, so I could have one last smoke on my way out.  About a month after I started vaping (and had quite surprisingly quit smoking!), my husband sez "So.. I guess you won't need that last cigarette on your way into the incinerator."  ðŸ˜‰  I said nope, cuz I had my last cigarette about a month ago. 😀

        • Fair play [as we say in Ireland]!  It baffles me that these idiots in Tobacco Control refuse to acknowledge that e-cigarettes are doing precisely what they have been trying to do for years only with greater success.  It proves beyond doubt that it's not about smoking.

  5. I think it''s a PERFECT illustration of "Sour Grapes" — they didn't think of or invent it, therefore it MUST be bad — and of course, the MONEY!  But for perfect illustration of fables, the FDA''s "deeming" ecigs as tobacco is "The Emperor's New Clothes" — they seem to believe that CALLING e-cigs "tobacco" actually makes it so.  I reckon nobody ever read stories to these buffoons when they were kids.

    • In the pre-vape days, life was simple for them – people smoked or they quit, and the only way to quit was through their friends and paymasters in Big Pharma.  But then along came the electrofag which threw their little world into utter confusion.  There was now a new factor and they still don't know how to cope with it.  I suppose their dream is to somehow go back to the old days by eliminating vaping but they know now that that's impractical/impossible.  Listening to that senile old fart Clancy is a perfect example of someone who is in a state of complete confusion and denial.

  6. I took up my first e-cig in 2008, after suffering a quite severe stroke. I have lapsed back to smoking a couple of times, but as e-cigs have developed, I have stopped smoking completely – haven't had a real cigarette for over three years now. At 56 years old, I'm a lot healthier than I was 8 years ago. If I hadn't taken up vaping, who knows what I'd be doing now – probably be pushing up daisies!

    • Welcome Paul! I would imagine your experience is replicated a million times or more across the world.  However, Tobacco Control would really prefer you to go back to the cigarettes [where they will tell you you'll die before you're 50], as there maybe a potential hazard in e-cigarettes that may kill you in fifty years time.  You can't be too careful?

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  8. Can we please have less bad language on here , I had to stop reading comments , it's giving smokers like myself a bad name , just no need for it.

    • Welcome Jean!  We smokers already have a bad name apparently.  I doubt this site could do any further damage.  😀

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