So we finally have a gubmint after ten weeks of back-stabbing and backroom deals.

I might add that things have been moving remarkably smoothly for the last seventy days, so presumably our period of sanity and peace is about to end.

One thing that really did surprise me – what the fuck happened to James Fatso Reilly?  The little cunt is deputy leader of the party so I would have expected him to get some kind of role in the new gubmint, but there is ne'er a whisper of him.  In fact I never even noticed his ugly mug on the benches during yesterday's meetings and votes.  It is indeed a great day when we learn that we are unlikely to see that sneering scruff gracing our television screens.  Good fucking riddance, and I hope he's rotting in a cellar somewhere playing with his plain packs carton.

Our new Minister for Death and Sickness is a local lad.  That is to say he is from my constituency but naturally I didn't vote for him [do you think I’m mad?].  It's a good opportunity to keep an eye on him though, seeking out his weak spots.  Blackmail is a wonderful tool.

In their mad scramble for power and riches, they produced a "discussion document" which apparently is the manifesto for the future.  It is of course full of worthy aspirations and intentions such as solving the housing crisis overnight, preventing the Midlands from ever flooding again and raising the Old Age Pension.  I look forward to my extra 5c a week.

They make very few specific mentions as to how they are going to do any of this apart from the following –

We will not rely on unpredictable and fragile sources of revenue to finance permanent public spending increases. The reductions In personal tax rates – such as the continued phasing out of the USC – needed to reward work and support enterprise and employment (see below) will be funded largely through:

Extra revenues from not indexing personal tax credits and bands

The removal of PAYE tax credit for high earners and other measures to ensure the tax system remains fair and progressive

Higher excise duties on cigarettes and Increased enforcement and sanctions on the illegal importation and sale of cigarettes

A new tax on sugar sweetened drinks

Improving tax compliance

So much for a brand new enlightened gubmint!

Fucking cunts.

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  1. "I look forward to my extra 5c a week."

    As my grandmother used to say "Don't spend it all in the same shop"

  2. We will not rely on unpredictable and fragile sources of revenue to finance permanent public spending increases….

    Higher excise duties on cigarettes and Increased enforcement and sanctions on the illegal importation and sale of cigarettes

    Someone badly needs to translate this into the Gaelic:

    • “ … unpredictable and fragile sources of revenue … “

      Right then.   So we are told all the time that higher taxes on things like tobacco, alcohol, and (now) sugar is a “wonderful way” of reducing people from smoking, drinking, scoffing sweets and Coca Cola etc.  Which, if true (snort!), surely makes those very taxes somewhat – err – “unpredictable and fragile.”  But now here they are (effectively) citing these things as “predictable” and “resilient,” which means that – err – they aren’t succeeding in reducing people’s consumption.

      So, come on, now, all you Health Zealots out there – which is it?  Because purely practically, it simply isn’t possible for it be both …

    • It was never broken [as far as I'm aware].  You have to provide a link to the picture which has to be on the Interwebs.  Otherwise I would have people storing their entire porn collection on my site.  Though that's not a bad idea……..

      • Their entire porn collection? Sounds like a winner to me, GD. 🙂

        Mostly, if I have a desire to post images, they are images I have on my hard drive which I've saved from somewhere, so it's a little annoying not to be able to use them to emphasise a post I may be making. But whatever. Your gaff, your rules. It's not a life-threatening situation. I can see it from your side too, so it doesn't really bother me.

  3. everything containing sugar will behind the big tobacco doors now. Those dirty feckers wanting a snickers bar MUST be demonised!!!!!!

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