It never ceases to amaze me how dim some people can be.

There was a case recently where two "complete strangers" were involved in a car accident.  Each was up in court claiming around fifteen grand.

All the solicitor for the insurance company had to do was take a quick peek into their Farcebook accounts and there they were, bold as brass – married. The whole thing was a scam because they were "short of money".   Judging by their names and appearance they belong to what the Politically Correct would call an "ethnic minority" not exactly famous for its regard for society's norms.  Fuck them.  They got what they deserved.

Then along comes Rita [or Mili?].  The poor girl was sitting in her car when she was shunted by a van.  God love her but her injuries were ferocious – constant pain – so much so she had to quit her job as a waitress as should could no longer carry a plate.  My heart bleeds for her.

Then the solicitor for the defendant takes a quick peek at her Farcebook account and there she is, bold as brass, exercising in gymnasiums around Europe and climbing Bray Head.   I had a quick look at her account and by God does she love herself?  To me she looks like a Barbie replica and judging by her eyes has the same level of intelligence.  She's about as sexy as a dead haddock, but that's beside the point.

I have no problems with the concept of compensation in the case of an accident or injury.  If someone injures me or my property, I would expect sufficient restitution to repair the damage.  Damage my car – pay for the repairs.  Write off my car – buy me a new one.  When it comes to injury though the system fails completely.  People are expecting silly amounts of compensation for very questionable injuries.  So what if you slip on a wet floor in the supermarket?  Pick yourself up, complain to the manager and let that be the end of it.  Trip over a loose paving slab? Watch were you're fucking walking.  And if you trip in a pub while blind drunk then go fucking sue yourself.

There are two problems with this compensation culture.  The first is that the insurance companies have to shell out vast sums for fraudulent or petty claims which pushes up premiums, which we ultimately pay.  The second of course is that everyone is now terrified of being sued and we end up with all these Elf and Safety rules.  It's getting to the stage where you can't invite a neighbour in for a few jars unless you have full third-party insurance just in case they trip over the doormat.

The three above got caught because they showed Darwinian levels of stupidity.

What worries me is how many get away with it.

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Courting the braindead — 5 Comments

  1. Mili Rite. What a name, what a gal. She'd look great in a Picasso cubist painting too. The cost of legal fees in her failed case might be big enough to buy an original Picasso, or a wonderfully mixed-up abstract expressionist canvas.

    • To be honest, I find her eyes rather disturbing -lifeless like a mannakin [or a Barbie Doll].

      She'd better cure herself fast though and carry a few more plates to earn the court fees?

  2. Didn't our Great Chancellor of the Exchequer over this side of the Irish Sea claim in his latest Big Speech where he tells us all how much more we're going to be paying for fewer services that he was "putting in place measures to end the compensation culture in respect of minor motor accidents?"  I don't think he expanded on it very much, which was sad, because it would have been good to know exactly how he might have been planning to deal with scroungers like these.  Would have been a jolly sight more interesting that most of the other load of old tosh that he came out with ….

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