I am getting really sick of hearing about "gender issues".

Hardly a day goes past without someone whinging on about some aspect of gender and I wish they would all just fuck off.

It seems to have started with that referendum for gay marriage thing which apparently opened the floodgates.  We became a "gender friendly" country or some such crap and now everyone is on the bandwagon.  The referendum got everyone talking about "alternative sexual preferences" and then the feminists decided to join in the fun and grab some limelight while the going was good.

We have had people whining about "gender quotas" for the upcoming elections with candidates being deselected so some token woman can be put on the ticket which I honestly think is insulting to the women – "you ain't good enough but we'll stick you up as a candidate to fill the quota".  God knows the women we have seen in politics in recent years have in the main been total disasters [I give you Mary Mad Cow Harney, Mary Hannafin and the Bimbo Creighton as a shuddering sample] so if we elect women on gender rather than eligibility then the country is even more fucked than I though possible.

Seeing as they have gender quotas in politics, the feminists have turned their guns elsewhere and now we have "not enough women on radio" and "not enough women in the theatre".  Where the fuck is this going to end?  Hardly a day goes past without someone screaming that women aren't being treated fairly.  I can tell you I have had a couple of female bosses it the past and they were a fucking nightmare.  They either spent their time being domineering or else bawling their eyes out in some office corridor because someone hadn't been nice to them at a board meeting,

Then to add a whole load of confusion we are given a list of "genders".  Now I always thought that biologically two – male and female.  Apparently Nature and I are both wrong.

We have men preferring men and women preferring women.  Fair enough.  Whatever rocks your boat.  I have no problems with that.

But now we have men who prefer to dress up as women while still preferring women and women dressing as men while still preferring men, and we have men who dress up as women but occasionally prefer to dress as men.  Then we get into some real surreal territory with people deciding in the morning what gender they are going to be for the day and naming themselves and dressing themselves accordingly so you never ever know whether you are going to see Patrick or Patricia.

There is a whole list of them crawling out of the woodwork –

  • Agender: lacking an affiliation with any gender.
  • Cisgender: people who are not trans. The majority of the population who are comfortable with the sex assigned to them at birth.
  • Genderfluid: alternating between a feeling of being male on some days, and female on others
  • Genderqueer and nonbinary: Genderqueer refers to gender that is nonnormative; these are people who relate to neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders. The distinction is subtle, but nonbinary refers simply to gender that is not binary (not exclusively man or woman)
  • Trans/ transgender: a broad umbrella term that includes anyone whose gender identity and/or gender expression differ from the sex assigned to them at birth
  • Transvestite/ crossdresser: transvestites and cross-dressers are typically (but not always) heterosexual males who wear traditionally feminine clothing; like Eddie Izzard, they still identify as male.

What is this "gender assigned to them at birth"?  In my complete innocence I always assumed that the midwife took a quick peek at the tackle Down Below and made the simple pronouncement of a boy or girl.  I didn't realise they were actually "assigned" a gender on the whim of the midwife?

And what about these Genderqueers?  What the fuck is going on in their heads?  Are they going to refuse to enter the ladies or gents toilets because they are neither?  Or do they choose toilets on a rota basis?  I see they want to introduce a new pronoun – v – to be used in place of he or she.  They want to introduce Mx in place of Mr, Mrs, Ms, or Miss.  They can really go fuck themselves on that little scheme [and on that subject why wasn’t “hermaphrodite” included on the list above?].

I suppose there are those who would call me homophobe [And surely homophobe translates as a fear of men?] but I'm not.  I know some people of "alternative preferences" and I get on very well with them.  I treat them like I treat all my friends and I couldn't give a flying shite what they get up to when I'm not around.  The ones I object to are the screaming queens who shove their sexuality in my face and who clutter up the newspapers with their demands for sympathy and equality.  That lot can fuck right off, and then go fuck off a good distance further.

On the other hand, I am now waiting for all these gender classifications to demand equal rights and equal quotas in future elections.  We must have at least one of each along with males and females in each constituency. 

Now that really would be fun!


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Gender bender — 22 Comments

    • As you can see from my links, there's an epidemic over here and spreading faster than Ebola.  The WHO should step in to stop the spread, but then that seems to be run by women?

  1. I have no idea what the hell you are saying. I hear the words. Nothing makes any sense. It's all mad.

    You are either guy or a girl.

    Is that really so difficult to understand?

    If you don't agree then you are a mental.


    • It is really quite simple.  You are either a man or a woman.  Or a man who wants to be a woman or a woman who wants to be a man.  Or maybe you're both or neither.  Or maybe someone who decides whether to be a man or a woman when you wake up in the morning.  Or not.  

      Couldn't be any simpler?

  2. (Applause)

    Same as that, GD. My wife was watching a video clip on her laptop earlier this evening about that bloke who decided he wanted to be a woman (Jenner or something?), and everyone interviewed was gushing on about how brave and amazing he/she was, and isn't it wonderful, etc etc, ad nauseam.

    What the fuck? Some bloke decides he wants to pretend he's a woman, and we're all supposed to congratulate him? I couldn't give a monkey's what the guy wants to do, but I certainly won't be 'celebrating' his personal peccadilloes. Who cares?

    But now, of course, they have to be 'recognised'. What bullshit. What egotistical garbage. Do what the fuck you want, guys and gals, but don't expect me to be standing on the sidelines clapping and throwing bouquets. I think you are weird, frankly, but if that's what turns you on, so be it, I don't mind. We all have our quirks. It's just that most of us don't air them publicly and expect people to endorse them.

    • My point exactly.  Fair play to 'em for doing whatever they want – it's a free world after all [or it used to be] – but I just wish they could do it all quietly without all this celebration lark.  They even wanted to paint a couple of pedestrian crossings the colours of the rainbow in Dublin.  What the fuck?

      Of course yet more floodgates are about to be opened in Ireland with the the first "gay marriages" taking place next week.  Doubtless the papers will be full of pictures of the happy couples?  Funny how they never printed a photograph of me when I got married?

  3. Here's another one that's been around for quite awhile:

    adjective: androgynous

    Partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.

    Something like this?


    • They are the ones to be very careful of.  Rather embarrassing to hop into the sack with a beautiful woman only to find hers is bigger than yours?

      P.S. You included a link to a video but the link has vanished.  I checked it off the email and it can only be viewed in the States anyway.  Sorry.  🙁

  4. It's all gone mad. I was having a chat to my 87 year old grandfather yesterday when the 6-1 news came on and they started talking about this stuff. His reaction was brilliant.  Annoyance mixed with bafflement.  I felt sorry for him in a way. The world has changed so much since he was my age and here it is changing again to the ludicrously extreme to facilitate what he probably quite rightly thinks are absolute idiots and lunatics.  It makes me really worry about what kind of madness I’ll have to live through at that age.

    • I may still be only a puppy compared to your grandfather, but it frightens me how much the world has changed in my lifetime.  There seems to been a "dumbing down" of society where the trivial has become top of the agenda and the important things in life are just forgotten.  Happiness is now defined as the number of "likes" you have on Facebook, and success is having your cheesy video go "viral".  And don't even start me on the mess politics has become!

  5. This “dumbing down” of society that you mention is absolutely true and it’s most definitely not accidental.  It’s artificially generated by both companies and government if in fact they aren’t the same thing.  Companies want everyone to want what they are selling. Governments want people to buy and sell because they earn more in taxes. This has the knock on benefit for governments of distracting people from the important things so that more decisions can be made without major public disturbance.

    • Indeed.  We have obviously reached the stage where we can't think for ourselves, and the government has to do all our thinking for us.  We can't be allowed to damage ourselves?

  6. Mitigation against potential issues to protect against liability and to maximise profits. That’s what it all boils down to.  As you’ve said yourself. Governments will shoe horn or rankle us down a defined path to reduce risk that we’ll be a burden and to maximize the profit we can make for them.  This direction started in the 1950’s I think. I don’t go for conspiracy theories but I do think that our capacity for real creative and independent thought has diminished. One of the reasons for this I believe is the tone of music.  Take a look at this very rational explination: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/columns/music_theory/432hz_crazy_theory_or_crazy_fact.html OR if you’re interested: I think this source is a bit dramatic but it has a point: http://www.whydontyoutrythis.com/2013/08/440hz-music-conspiracy-to-detune-good-vibrations-from-natural-432hz.html

    • Wow!  I had to delay replying as you gave quite a lot of research.  Interesting stuff.  I even tried modifying some of my favourite tracks using Audacity.  I'm not quite sure if I am completely convinced, yet…….

  7. Boys will be boys. Some girls will be hardworking and clever and get ahead of boys. Which means boys will have to smarten up a bit. Let's leave male-female gender differences as simple as that. Psychology theory can be as silly as social research.

    • Some people are good at some things while others are good at other things.  people should be employed by their abilities and suitability not by their gender.

  8. Shame on you pretending to be a grandad when it's obvious that you are in fact a grandma with all this postmenopausal ranting going off. There is HRT available you know. Any way why don't you go and get your old man's tea ready, the old fella must be starving by now.Yours sincerely Mr Daphne Flowerbed.

    • Fuck!  Rumbled!

      I tried the HRT but it left me premenstrual all the time.  Himself left me so I quit the tablets.

      Hermione Dipswick.

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