Herself mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she had an appointment to get some photographs taken.

I was a little surprised as she is generally camera-shy and anyway I have a camera so I could have taken photographs without any appointment.

I asked her what kind of photographs, and she became all coy and said "never mind".  I asked if they were passport type photographs and she said they weren't.  We continued and it became a like game of Twenty Questions as I couldn't get a straight answer out of her.  I gave up in the end.

Anyhows, the appointment was on Saturday.  I asked her what she was going to wear but she said it didn't matter as she would be taking all her clothes off anyway.  In our game of Twenty Questions it never even occurred to me that they might be nude photographs so I was a little surprised, but Herself has her own way of doing things so I didn't comment.

I wasn't allowed in to watch so I had to wait outside and I passed the time chatting up the receptionist.  After quite a while [just as I was about to get the receptionist’s number] Herself emerged looking rather flushed and flustered.  I asked if it went all right and she said it did.  She was quite happy about the whole affair and said they had taken seventy or eighty photographs.  I though this was a little excessive but she said they insisted.

We had to wait then as they had to burn the photographs onto a CD.  What the fuck happened to good old developing?

We got the CD and went home.  Naturally I was eager to see the quality of the photographs as I have a keen interest in skin tones, colour balances and exposures and spend a lot of time examining such factors in nude photographs I find on-line..  By all accounts the contents of the CD were going to be somewhat over exposed and I wasn't disappointed.

I now have about 75 photographs of Herself with not a stitch on her, and I can quite honestly say I am seeing her in a new light.  I was a little disappointed they weren't in colour but then these arty farty photographers seem to love black and white pictures which I think is a waste of a good photograph.  Apart from that though, the photographs of Herself show up an aspect of her that I have never seen before even after forty years of living together.  Quite amazing.

Naturally I am not going to publish the photographs in full view here as I don't want to get half of you the sack [and give the other half heart attacks].

I will let you have a peek though at a couple.

You'll find then HERE and HERE.

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Naked photos of Granny — 7 Comments

  1. Well, nobody ever expected that now did they?

    By the way, I've can give you a good deal on the latest pair of X-Ray Goggles so you can see your beloved this way all the time. In color no less.

      • I didn't think you'd take me up on the offer. I can't imagine the kind of image that would come to your mind every time you glanced at Herself if you had used them even once. Still, if she complained of cramps you could probably dif out the goggles and tell her what was ailing her?

        Then again, maybe not.

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