A bloke and his missus are coming to Ireland tomorrow.

For some reason, the papers have mentioned this several times and our gubmint apparently are going to treat him like royalty.  This piqued my interest as quite a lot of people drop over here from the UK and I decided to find out some more about him and why he is so special.

Naturally my first port of call was Mr Google and that's where I discovered the first surprise –

Google extract

So he was born at the age of 66 which must make him a quare old age at this stage?  132?  I'm impressed.  Also he seems to have three parents which may explain his longevity?  Or maybe they are just not sure which is his father and decided to mention them both just in case?

I tried to find out what he does to earn a crust and frankly I came up against a brick wall.  From what I can glean, reading between the lines, he is just hanging around waiting for his mother to drop her clogs so he can head up the family business.  As she seems determined to outlive us all, he is having a long wait, and is happily whiling away the years talking to trees and writing to the British gubmint about Warble Gloaming and architecture.  When he's not doing that he messes around on his farm [called Cornwall?] and makes the odd visit to Ireland.

I tried to find out what the family business actually does and came up against another wall.  They don't seem to manufacture anything, so they must be in the service industry?  All I can discover is that they travel around a lot, sign things and appear regularly in the newspapers.  Whatever it is that they do, they seem to make an incredibly handsome living out of it.

I also can't discover what his second name is.  I have heard mention of the name Windsor, but surely that's just one of his many homes?  He seems to have a lot of homes.  Or maybe he just doesn't have a second name, like Madonna or Bono?

Anyhows, as I said he is arriving tomorrow but isn't coming anywhere near Wicklow.  He's heading over to the opposite end of the country so it's unlikely I'll get a chance to chat to him. 

It's a pity really.

I'd love to learn his secret of making millions without actually doing anything.

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A proper Charlie — 13 Comments

  1. At 132 he is surely a pensioner. I will also give the bloke a pass, he did serve in the Navy during WWII in the Pacific and Med and the ships he was on did see action.  


    As for getting rich marrying a Queen will do that for you, just be careful what type of Queen she/he is.

    • At his age, he probably fought in the Boer War?

      Sorry.  I can't marry a Queen until the results of Ireland's Referendum are in.

  2. I am glad somebody protests against soulless modern architecture and speaks up on behalf of endangered willow warblers. There is just one thing I want to know about Charles – what's his favourite beer, mild or bitter? Oh, and would he have a quiet word with his missus about some of the eccentric hats she wears?

    • I though Gin was their tipple of choice?  Doubtless when he is over here someone will force a Guinness on him.  Obama had to do it…  His mum had to do it [though she only took a sip]….

    • Meh.  Not to my taste.  He [and his family] are harmless enough, though I appreciate that I speak as one who doesn't have to pay them.

      • Who is paying for the 'ring of steel' surrounding charlie and his crew?
        Who is paying for the accommodation, the transport, the meet and greet events?

        You and however many million Irish taxpayers.  We are all in it together.

        • Gardai and soldiers earn their salaries anyway, whether they are on security duty or working on peacekeeping assignments abroad with the UN, and petrol filling stations earn revenue from the sale of fuel to state cars. Hotels make from room bookings and sale of food and drink. Public events like this keep money in circulation and promote continuing employment. John Maynard Keynes argued the multiplier effect of money allocation and expenditure. Journalists covering the jamboree get free grub, so it benefits some.

  3. Isn't his real surname Saxe-Coburg-Gotha or something like that?

    Didn't they change their name at the time German Shepherd dogs became Alsatians?

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