I see Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for the US presidency?

I presume they are using her full name to distinguish her from all the other Hillary Clintons who are going to pop out of the woodwork?  Are we to see announcements from Hillary Rhodine Clinton, Hillary Ramrod Clinton and Hillary Badass Clinton in the near future?

We could do with a new prez over there all right.  To date, O'Bama has been remarkably dull, and in comparison to his predecessor, positively torpid.  I miss Dubya – he was a fantastic inspiration for scribblers like myself and was an almost daily source of fun and delight.

The only problem with HRC is her male/female balance.  If the female side takes precedent will we see the White House become the Pink House?  Will Merka become swamped under cushions and throws?  Or will the male side predominate and Merka will go back to bombing the fuck out of every country that dares sneeze?

There is a danger that Merkans will vote for HRC solely because of her gender.  Yiz voted for O'Bama because of his colour and look what you got!   You would do well to remember Thatcher.  She was apparently a woman until she got the Prime Minister job and it suddenly transpired that she had more balls than a cage-fighter.  Jayzus but no one was safe, from the miners to the Argentineans [who still haven’t quite gotten over the shock].  Even now, all these years later there are people in the UK who break down and weep at the memory of The Iron Lady.  Post Traumatic Stress is a terrible thing.

I wonder if there is any chance Sarah Palin will run again?  The world could do with a bit of colour and she would doubtless provide in spades.  The White House would indeed become The Pink House, the Rose Garden would become the Petunia Garden and the front lawn would become a missile silo.  Our Sarah has some wild a whacky notions when it comes to running things.  Guns would be issued to all children at birth and there would be a new viewing platform in Alaska to watch the Russians.  She would do wonders for education too, as overnight 95% of the entire country would become more intelligent than its Prez.  She's better looking than HRC too.

Or maybe we'll have Jeb Bush?  Back to the good old days of war and pestilence?  It would be good to see another Bush in the House causing chaos and mayhem around the world.

Interesting times ahead?

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Female testosterone — 18 Comments

  1. Hillary Clinton is our Mary Harney.  As Secretary of State she is fully responsible for the deaths of 4 Americans.  She is the face of the Demoncrat party which is a socialist party.  You claim you don't think obama is doing much.  That's because he is dismantling the our constitution and attempting to change the way this country works.  HRC is just an extention of what's going on here right now.  She is yet another big govenrment, nanny state Demoncrat.

    Sarah Palin would become one of our greatest Presidents ever!  She believes in small government.  She believes that the government should work for the people and not the other way around.  She would advocate for a flat tax, get rid of the alphabet agencies, reign in law by regulations and she would undo all the harm obama had done through executive orders. Sarah Palin believes in the American Dream and she would work to have everyone have the opportunity to achieve it.

    • Heh!  I guessed you'd be first out of the trap.  😉

      On the face of it, Palin looks good, provided she can deliver [is she running by the way?].  One thing I will say for her – I never got the impression that whatever she said had been pre-scripted, groomed, ironed and polished by a team of spin-doctors.  She speaks from the hip [as it were].

      • Sarah Palin is not running for President.  We of the "Sarah Palin Earthquake Movement" on Farcebook are urging her to do so.  So far  there are tens of thousands of people urging her on.  We need to make that hundreds of thousands.


          • Sarah Palin running for President would be a political earthquake because everyone thinks she's a fringe canidate.  They will drop their collective jaws when they see the number of people backing her.

  2. Couldn't give a flying fuck who is elected anywhere…anyone seeking election should be taken out and beaten until they come to their senses as should those dumb enough to believe that electing serves a purpose.

  3. God help America (and the rest of the world) if that harridan gets into the White House. She is both power-crazed and deranged, and while encouraging everybody in US to become non-smoking transgender pacifists, she would be threatening to nuke every country she didn't like, starting with Putin's Russia.

    • Which harridan?  Clinton or Palin?  And aren't all the candidates power-crazed and deranged, while encouraging everybody in US to become non-smoking transgender pacifists?

      • I assume you are being facetious, GD. Somewhat topically. a few minutes ago I was reading this article:


        What America needs is another Ronald Reagen. He may have made mistakes (who doesn't?), but he had the right idea.

        “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”


        “As government expands, liberty contracts.”

        He was often lampooned, but he had a clear perception of what the role of government should be.

        Unlike the Clinton gorgon.

        And he advertised Chesterfield (I think) cigarettes in his youth! 🙂


        • Damnit!  Twigged.  😀

          How many Americans voted for O'Bama because he's black?

          How many will vote for Clinton because she's a woman?

          Spiked is bang on.  The feministas will vote for her purely on the basis of gender and her politics and policies will have fuck all to do with it.

          What America needs is a president who pulls the country back from the new totalitarian type of politics, and back into a more libertarian freedom.  That is something I would be happy to see the rest of the world follow.

  4. Bah! I've gone beyond caring when it comes to to whoever becomes president. I figure I'm screwed either way. Even if Hillary gets elected and she actually is a decent president, she'll be despised anyway, even more than Obama simply because she's a woman and even less will be accomplished than during the Obama administration because congress is controlled by old fucks with the mental age of 15. Congress will become deadlocked, no federal budget will ever get passed again and I can kiss the VA good bye along with my health care, my prescriptions and therefor my life. And my wife will lose the house and become homeless.

    Then again, if some GOP, tea-party influenced, nut job becomes president the VA will disappear entirely (within the first 6 months after the election no doubt) and the results will still be the same for me and mine, guns will be issued to everyone (well, that's okay), the stock market will crash permanently and civil war will immediately ensure, the US will fall and anarchy will reign.

    So really, who gives a rats ass who becomes president of the 'ol US of A? We're all doomed either way.

    There, that's my bad attitude for the week. Now I can be happy and enjoy the next 7 days in peace.

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