Yesterday, I thought it was an April Fool's joke.

Herself mentioned in passing that our Beloved Leader Dame Enda had berated some bloke saying that if he could afford a pint, he could afford to pay his water bills.

I dismissed it, as nobody could be so mean minded and petty as to suggest that a man shouldn't even drink a pint.

I was wrong.

I found a video of Dáil proceedings [a sort of Leader’s Question Time] where Gerry Adams demands some answers from Dame Enda.

I am no great fan of Gerry Adams.  I don't follow his political philosophies and certainly don't vote for him or his party.  However, in the video he makes the salient point that the gubmint has been working for the benefit of the banks to the detriment of the Ordinary Man.  He points out that the banks have not reduced their mortgage rates and the gubmint have done fuck all about it, while at the same time bills are about to be sent out to every house in the country irrespective of income or circumstance, demanding payment for water.

At the end of the video, Dame Enda makes his assertion that if a man can afford a couple of pints then he can afford to pay for his water. 

This summarises our gubmint up to perfection – they are of the opinion that they are entitled to every cent that is left in our pockets after we have paid for the most basic of necessities such as a loaf of stale bread.  Forget that humble little luxury – the gubmint reckons if you can afford that then they should have the cash.  We should have no spare money whatsoever as the gubmint deserves it all.  If we have more than the barest essentials, then we have too much.

As an aside to the above, but on the same subject, I also watched a video where one of my local representatives analyses the figures and points out that Irish Water has cost in the billions to set up, yet the amount they are charging won't even cover the cost to collecting that charge which shows how farcical the whole setup is.  I won't bother embedding it but you'll find it here.

I now have a problem.

I have run out of words to describe Dame Enda and his partners in crime.

"Mendacious grasping little cunts" is too good for them.

"Ebola infested pile of shit" is unfair to both Ebola and shit.

"Pustules on the arse of humanity" is frankly too sweet.

I badly need to expand my vocabulary to cover that sub-class of the species called "politician".

Any suggestions?

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I need a word — 15 Comments

  1. 'Have you ever thought of going into politics' is about the most serious insult I know.

    I've always liked the last two lines of a poem by EE Cummings (funny fella who invented that technique of only writing in lower case), which go:

    'a politician is an arse upon/which everything has sat except a man'


    Ps, if you want a real April Fools' joke try this Kiwi one

    in brief

    The Taxpayers’ Union has announced its intention to pursue taxpayer-funding to support its advocacy of value for money from every tax dollar.

    “Today we have lodged an application to receive funding from Treasury to become a taxpayer-funded lobby group to oppose the other taxpayer-funded lobby groups, who in turn lobby taxpayer-funded bureaucrats, politicians and themselves.”

    • Bloody hell!  Are you sure that's a joke?  Sound exactly like what's going on in the real world.  They'll be giving people ideas!

  2. Irish government seems to be short in the logic department.If you can afford it you should pay it?Why?

    If a tax is unfair why should you pay it.If you are a multimillionaire that doesn't make the tax fair or moral.Not being able to afford payment is an additional factor but the real question to ask is should the tax be paid?

    • Three simple reasons why I refuse to pay:

      1)  I already pay through Road Tax and VAT as per the Local Government [Financial Provisions] Act 1997.

      2) It's inequitable.  Why should a pensioner in a run down cottage have to pay the same as a millionaire living in a ten bedroom [ten bathroom] mansion with a swimming pool?

      3) It is solely for the purpose of privatising a public utility.

      Actually there is a fourth reason.

      4) It's yet another fucking tax which they are just going to grab and then piss up against the wall.

      In answer to your last bit….  NO

    • "Self-propelled buckets of arse-paste" is indeed getting close to the mark.  I honestly don't think there is a word in existence that describes my attitude to that lot.

      Jayzus but SS will love that link!  😀 

  3. Grandad, how about the word COCKWOMBLE ????

    My Fiancee and I use it all the time to refer to what we like to call COCKWOMBLES… er, no, sorry, POLITICIANS!!!

  4. And, of course, you are required to pay it as a consequence of receiving EU bailout funds. No choice in the matter. Just roll over and get f*cked. Michael Collins is spinning so fast in his grave he's caused a wormhole to open up in Dame Edna's (sic) arsehole…..


    (and my Fiancee who is Irish, and I, who am Scottish, argue all the time over the benefit Ireland has had in the EU and how you have swapped one master for another after a few years of being free… so feel free to get me started!!!)

    • The farmers benefited originally with their fucking subsidies [literally money for doing nothing] but that's all gone now.  I would argue very strongly that we never would have had a financial meltdown if we had been outside the EU and the Euro.  And as for handing our independence to Brussels on a plate……..

  5. One of my favorites from my dad was "dirty bitch-bastard cocksuckers". It was usually in reference to the sheep we had at the time.

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