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Farmers could be facing €90m penalty for milk surplus

I'm sure there is some kind of twisted logic behind this, but I'm damned if I can see it.

Industry [and farming is an industry] forever strives to be more efficient and to produce more.  Yet when farmers produce more than some arbitrary "quota" they are fined?  And to add some further insanity to the flames, if they produced more but in a few weeks time they wouldn't be fined at all?

I remember back in the early days of the Common Market there were headlines left right and center about "butter mountains" and "wine lakes".  I didn't understand it then and I'm still baffled now.  If there is a surplus of anything then drop the price and sell it cheap.  Problem solved.  Everyone wins.  But the only people who seem to gain from these surpluses are the fucking EU. 

How does fining someone for being over efficient work?

What the hell is going on?

I watched a documentary the other day.

I have a confession to make here – I have an incredibly short attention span when it comes to stuff on YouTube.  If iit lasts more than a minute then forget it.  The documentary I watched was different.  It's a feature length piece, and in a world's first for me, I watched the whole thing.  I would advise everyone to stick with it because it really is worth it.

There was nothing in it that really surprised me.  There were items I had guessed or knew about already.  What the documentary did was to take all those jigsaw pieces and nicely form a single coherent picture.  It explains the current financial mess.  It explains terrorism. It explains the current glut of "celebrity chefs" [seriously!!]  To an extent it even explains the EU.

Watch it.

It makes for a nice intelligent alternative to the Late Late Show of a Friday evening.

It might change the way you think.

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  1. That was interesting GD. Makes you wonder when the real collapse will occur, but at same time it was also encouraging to hear more economic students are less taken with Wall St and some sort of social conscience might be surfacing.  Thanks for posting, plenty of food for thought.

    • From what I gather, they suggest that the old order will gradually collapse while a new order evolves.  Certainly the old one can't last too much longer as 2008 showed.  The house of cards is wobbling!

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