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I was given a nudge the other day.

Kirk M pointed out that I had a very out of date "About" page on this site.

For example, I mentioned Sandy, and Sandy of course is no longer with us.

I used to write a fair bit about Sandy.  She was a remarkable dog in many ways and even contributed to this site from time to time.

So you may wonder why I don't write so much about Penny?  The fact is that there is little to write about as she is nearly always asleep.  She is one of the laziest dogs I have ever come across.  At home she is usually to be found draped across a chair somewhere.  She always insists on traveling in the car with me, and where Sandy used to sit in the passenger seat and take a great interest in the road ahead, Penny just curls up on the back seat and goes to sleep again.  Even on walks, Penny will happily spend the first couple of hundred yards sniffing every fucking lamp post [it takes about twenty minutes to get from one end of the village to the other], but then she'll put on a pained expression and refuse to walk any further.


Sandy had some habits which frankly used to annoy the hell out of me.  One was her tendency to stray from the house so I had to spend hours scrabbling through the brambles and undergrowth blocking up holes in the fencing.  Another was her persistence in barking at me if ever I was in the garden.  That really pissed me off.  Penny on the other hand has little or no interest in the outside world and will happily ignore an open gate.  And the only time Penny barks is when there is someone out on the lane that she doesn't approve of.

Penny is basically the ideal dog.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Sandy had a paw in the matter when it came to finding her as she fits our lifestyle perfectly.

She does however have one flaw and it is one that annoys me.  She insists on dumping her shit on the front driveway.  She seems to be of the opinion that the gravel is her personal toilet and not only does she use it copiously but nearly always chooses the spots where people are most likely to walk.  As s result, I spend a lot of time out the front with my golf clubs, sailing turds into the neighbour's gardens. 

Anyhows, I have updated my "About" page.  I really don't know what to say in it so I have said little.

Is there anything I have left out?


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About About — 15 Comments

  1. From your revamped about page: (which fills the bill nicely by the way)

    I don't know why I started this writing lark and even more baffling – I don't know why I continue.

    I believe you stated once that you started this "lark" on a bet that you couldn't start up a blog and keep with it for a full year–or something like that. And as to why you continue? For your adoring fans, of course. What else?

  2. Looking at that picture of your dog, and her antics, such as shitting on the gravel driveway, (mine does the same, what's that about?) , I'm convinced our dogs must be related, somehow, somewhere, although my dog is of that rare breed, (maybe not so rare), parentus indetermindus . Just thought I'd share her pic 🙂

    • That is a remarkable coincidence.  Penny is a Perentus Indeterminus too.  We were told she is a Lurcher, but she is too damned lazy to do any lurching.

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